American/U.S. History Area - 30 credits total

Required Courses - 18 credits (6 courses)

Methodological Courses - 6 credits (both required)

HIST 601 Introduction to Graduate History
HIST 602 Research Seminar

Period Courses - 6 credits

Choose 2 from the American/U.S. period courses:
HIST 610 Colonies to Republic
HIST 611 Emergence of the Modern United States
HIST 612 Contemporary United States

Elective Courses - 6 credits

Choose 2 other American/U.S. History courses (from above or below):
HIST 521 Roman Catholicism in the Long 19th Century, 1789-1914
HIST 530 Atlantic World, 1450s-1750s
HIST 533 Gender in American History
HIST 541 American Painting and Sculpture
HIST 542 American Architecture
HIST 565 U.S. Social Movements
HIST 570 History of Urban America
HIST 579 U.S. Diplomatic History
HIST 582 Inter-American Relations
HIST 583 Mexico and the U.S.
HIST 588 China and the West 

In addition to your required courses above, please choose the 12-credit (4 courses) track in which you are interested:

A. Thesis Track

B. Non-Thesis with Minor Track

C. Non-Thesis without Minor Track