Non-Thesis with Minor Track

B. Non-Thesis with Minor Track for American/U.S. History Area

Public History Minor - 12 credits (4 courses)

Choose 1 from the Theoretical Public History courses:
PHST 511 Studies in Material and Visual Culture
PHST 512 Museums and Society
PHST 513 Cultural Resources Management
PHST 514 Commemoration and Preservation
PHST 515 Special Topics

Choose 2 from the Professional Public History courses:
PHST 521 Introduction to Archives
PHST 522 Museum Exhibits & Management
PHST 523 Education and Public Programming
PHST 524 Historical Editing
PHST 525 Introduction to Historic Preservation

Choose 1 from the European History or Global/International History courses:
HIST 501 Medieval Europe
HIST 511 Early Modern Europe
HIST 513 Renaissance Europe: Courts and Nobles
HIST 528 British Empire
HIST 530 Atlantic World, 1450s-1750s
HIST 548 World at War
HIST 550 The Cold War
HIST 552 Modern Germany, 1871-1991
HIST 579 U.S. Diplomatic History
HIST 582 Inter-American Relations
HIST 583 Mexico and the U.S.
HIST 585 China in Revolution
HIST 588 China and the West
HIST 619 19th-Century Europe
HIST 620 20th-Century Europe