Dollar Bank Paid Archival Internship

Through the generous support of Dollar Bank, the History Department is pleased to announce the renewal of its two $2,000 paid archival internships. Dollar Bank, which opened its flagship branch on 4th Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh in 1855, is one of the oldest financial institutions in Pittsburgh. Among the Bank's assets is its complete archive of business records dating from the day it opened until the 1960s. The Bank has a professional archivist who organizes and processes these and other materials relating to the Bank's history. Our interns assist the Dollar Bank archivist, who will act as the internship director, and will work primarily in the Dollar Bank offices located in Pittsburgh's Strip District neighborhood.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the world of corporate archives management, to work in one of Pittsburgh's premier financial institutions, and to receive financial support while completing graduate coursework. These internship opportunities are available to any Public History or M.A. History graduate student who has completed PHST 521: Introduction to Archives (offered every Fall semester) before the start date of the internship. The internship will fulfill the requirements of the Archival Internship course (PHST 658). One internship will be offered for the fall semester, and one internship will be offered for the spring semester. 

All students who are interested in being considered for the spring semester internship should complete the application no later than October 15. Selection will be based on the student's academic performance and prior public history experience. Students will be notified regarding the Dollar Bank award by October 31st.

Apply for the Dollar Bank Archival Internship HERE