St. Isidore's Paid and Subsidized Archival Internship

Through the generous support of McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, the History Department is pleased to announce a subsidized and paid archival internship at St. Isidore's College Archives in Rome, Italy. Airfare, accomodations, and meals will be paid for by Duquesne and St. Isidore's will provide the archival intern with a monthly metro card for ground transportation in Rome plus a €500 ($572) stipend during the month-long summer appointment. Knowledge of Italian is not required and the intern will work with colleagues in English. 

St. Isidore's is part of the Franciscan Province of Ireland and was founded by Friar Luke Wadding in 1625. The College's archives contain Friar Wadding's personal papers as well as documents relating to the history of St. Isidore's and the Irish Franciscan Province. Some of the intern's responsibilities may include loading photographic and microfilm copies of Franciscan manuscripts from libraries around the world onto a digital platform in order to make them available to scholars internationally and for preparation of the Archive's medieval texts series. Interns may also make a detailed listing of the Archive's collection pertaining to the works of the medieval Franciscan priest, Alexander of Hales.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about scholarly archives management, to work at a college archive in Europe, and to receive financial support while completing graduate coursework. This internship opportunity is available to any Public History graduate student who has completed PHST 521: Introduction to Archives (offered every Fall semester) before the start date of the internship. The internship will fulfill the requirements of the Archival Internship course (PHST 658). 

More information about the application process will be forthcoming. Please contact Dr. Andrew Simpson with any questions.