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Outstanding History and Art History students have the opportunity to receive departmental awards for their exemplary work.


The Department of History believes in honoring students who show exemplary progress in their classes. We currently have five departmental awards for which our most promising students are eligible:

Erik Gerhard Student Resource Grant

Jean E. Hunter Award for Writing History

Joseph R. Morice Award for Excellence in History

The Clio Award for Undergraduate Research

Erik Gerhard Student Resource Grant

The Erik Gerhard Student Resource Grant is an award which recognizes history majors who qualify as emerging scholars in the field by showing excellence and engagement in their classes and in extra-curricular activities that show a connection to history. The Gerhard grant is to support non-tuition-related academic needs and activities such as room and board, the purchase of books and supplies, lab fees, and/or study abroad fees.

Erik Gerhard, Esquire, graduated from Duquesne in 1996 with a degree in History. He earned a J.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law in 1999. Mr. Gerhard is a practicing attorney and partner in the firm Bybel Rutledge LLP.

Past Recipients:

2021 - Bella Rose Biancone
2020 - Daniel Meyer
2020 - Julia Cardinal
2019 - Jacob Feldman
2019 - Danny Wade
2018 - Maria Miller
2017 - Lydia Strickling
2016 - Jill Purcell
2015 - Kelvin Parnell
2014 - Shannon Smith
2014 - Daniel Branagan
2013 - Gannam Rifkah
2013 - Abigail Jones

Jean E. Hunter Award for Writing History

The Jean E. Hunter Award for Writing History honors a student majoring in History who has demonstrated excellence in the writing of History. Candidates for this award demonstrated superior research skills, imaginative analysis, optimal organization, and clear, polished writing in the major methods course, HIST 311W: Writing History, taken in the past year. The student who ultimately receives the award confirmed such abilities by also presenting outstanding analytical and written work in other History courses.

Jean E. Hunter was a faculty member and the first female chairperson of the Department of History who specialized in British and women's history. She retired from academe in 2007.

Past Recipients:

2021 - Madeline Dufala
2020 - Adam Farbarik
2019 - Leah McKown
2018 - Adam Ruby
2017 - Amy Carr
2016 - Katherine McGann
2015 - Megan Rabenstein
2014 - Geuse Staltari
2013 - Lara Konefal-Shaer
2012 - Danielle Muñoz
2011 - Philip Weber
2009 - Tyler Esno
2008 - Teresa Shami
2008 - Jenna Lusk

Joseph R. Morice Award for Excellence in History

The Joseph R. Morice Award for Excellence in History honors a graduating senior History major for outstanding academic achievement within the major of History specifically and over the course of study at Duquesne University generally. The Department of History presents this award in remembrance of Professor Morice and to recognize students majoring in History who have maintained an exceptional scholastic record throughout their undergraduate academic careers.

Dr. Joseph R. Morice was a professor of History at Duquesne between 1948-1990 who was renowned for popular classes and rigorous grading.

Past Recipients:

2021 - Steffan Hoffmann
2020 - Jordan Callahan
2019 - Maria Miller
2018 - Maria Dangelo
2017 - Noelle Nelson
2016 - Margaret Long
2015 - Nicholas Dorfner
2014 - Gannam Rifkah
2013 - Tayler Hammell
2012 - Haley Kittleman
2011 - Vincent Lamperski
2010 - Tyler Esno
2010 - Brigid Mannard
2009 - Jennifer Milko
2008 - Jacqueline Connell
2007 - Teresa Madden
2006 - Christina Manfredi
2005 - Joseph Barron
2004 - Jennifer Moses
2003 - James Naus
2002 - Curtis Patton
2001 - Kenneth English
2000 - Christina Wildt

The Clio Award for Undergraduate Research

Named for the muse of History, this award includes first, second, and third place categories, and is awarded to students in our undergraduate programs who participate in the Annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium (URSS).  A panel of judges comprised of the Department Chairperson and the Director of Graduate Research selects the winners at the undergraduate level.

Past Recipients:


First Place: Adam Farbarik
Second Place:
Julia Cardinal
Third Place:
Bella Rose Biancone


First Place: Jordan Callahan
Second Place: Adam Ruby
Third Place: Ryan Rios


First Place: Adam Ruby
Second Place:
Zachary Ference
Third Place:
Emily Ford


First Place: Nicole Cordier 
Second Place: Maria Miller
Third Place: Emily Grecco


First Place: Tiffany Kent
Second Place:
Margaret Long
Third Place:
Michael Romero Moore


First Place: Ian Ferguson
Second Place: Stephanie Laux
Third Place: Jake Roba

Clio Award for Graduate Research

Named for the muse of History, the Clio Award for Graduate Research includes first, second, and third place categories, and is given to a graduate student in the Historical Studies or Public History Program who participates in the annual Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS). A panel of judges comprised of the Department Chairperson and the Director of Undergraduate Research selects the winners.


First Place: Aubrey Parke
Second Place: Bethany Funk
Third Place: Samantha Stossel

Várdy International Research & Study Grant

The Drs. Steven Béla Várdy and Agnes Huszár Várdy International Research and Study Grant provides $1,280 to support one graduate History or Public History student in conducting research overseas annually. The Department of History will provide up to an additional $500 to the winner of the Várdy Grant for a total of $1,780 in research support. These monies can be applied to any aspect of overseas research, including but not limited to airfare, local transportation, accommodations, food, and photocopying. The winner is required to submit a 500-word report to the Department of History chairperson summarizing the results of their research/study trip within four months of their return to the United States.

Recently retired faculty Drs. Steven Béla Várdy and Agnes Huszár Várdy have devoted much of their life to research, travel, and teaching their students to be globally conscious. They have taught thousands of students in the past four decades. On several occasions they took students abroad, visiting Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and many other countries. This international experience transformed these students into individuals with a broader outlook and more complete understanding of the world.Past Recipients

Past Recipients

2021 - Claire Kreider
2020 - Cassidy Glatz

Aleta Zak Endowed Public History Internship Award

The Aleta Zak Internship Award includes a check in the amount of $1,000 and a framed certificate. It is awarded each spring semester to a graduate student in the Public History program enrolled in a museum, archive, historical editing, historic preservation, oral history, or digital history/humanities internship. All Public History graduate students enrolled in an internship during the academic year automatically qualify to win. Award selection is based on academic work at Duquesne, including but not limited to grade point average, extracurricular activities, and instructor references. The award is funded by Ms. Aleta M. Zak, a graduate of Duquesne's Public History program.

Past Recipients

2021 - Alex Warren
2020 - Niki Slaven

Excellence in Graduate History Awards

The Graduate Excellence Award either one or two graduating MA students in either the History and/or Public History programs will be selected for the History Department's Graduate Excellence Award to recognize their outstanding academic work as well as their important contributions to the Department. No application is necessary. Awardees will be selected by the Department's Chair and Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the History faculty.Past Recipients

2021 - Taylor Noakes & Madeline Canales
2020 - Megan Crutcher & Michael Tusay

Classical Civilizations Awards

.In order to recognize Classics and Latin majors who achieve excellence in their academic work, the Classics Department offers the following awards. All awards are presented during the spring semester of each academic year.

The Award for Excellence in Classics

The Excellence in Classics Award honors a Classics major who has demonstrated excellence in the study of Classics. The award is presented to the Classics major with the highest grade point average.

Past Recipients

2021 - Julia Cardinal
2020 - Julia Cardinal
2017 - Grant Stoner