Student Opportunities and Resources

The Department of History offers many opportunites, resources, and experiences that are meant to help students suceed inside and outside of the classroom. Opportunities such as internships and study abroad programming play a great role in the college experience, resume building, and work in the degree field.


Students in the Department of Hisotry are encouraged to take internships in their feild for credit. Learn more about past internships.

Study Abroad

We believe that studying abroad is a critical component to any student's educational experience. With support from the Office of International Programs and Study Abroad, you have the opportunity to study abroad for different durations and ina multitude of locations. Learn more about study abroad opportunities.

Departmental Organizations

Student clubs and organizations offer a great opportunity to meet other peers in your field of study. Consider joining one of our departmental organizations, and learn more about them.


Are you wondering if the Department of History is a right fit for you and your future? Learn about job outlooks for each of our majors and minors from accredited sources.

Latin Tutoring

Students Who Excel in Latin

If you excel in Latin, you may be hired as a student tutor within the Department of Classics. Our tutors typically work about 11 hours per week as University work-study or non-work-study students and are responsible for maintaining appointments with students, both undergraduate and graduate, through an online appointment system. Tutors meet with these students during sessions ranging from 30- to 60-minutes in length. Tutors also help out with small tasks within the main office of the Department of Classics. 

Students Who May Need Help in Latin

If you find that you need some extra help in Latin, you are able to make appointments with our Latin tutors, free of charge, through a user-friendly online appointment system. Tutoring sessions range from 30- to 60-minutes in length, depending on your needs, and you can choose which tutor you prefer to work with based on that tutor's availability. There is no limit to the amount of tutoring sessions you can sign up for, which allows for individualized assistance tailored to your needs.