Our programs in History, Classical Civilizations, and Art History are meant to prepare students for life after college. Duquesne University's faculty, rigorous coursework, and student opportunities - including internships and study abroad programs - help to give students the experiences necessary to succeed. Read more about career opportunities in for each departmental major below. 

Careers in History

Studnets in History programs are well rounded and gain many employment skills including analytical thinking and communication. Historians are not only sought after for jobs in their own field, but are also thought of for careers in other humanities-driven markets due to their skill set.

Learn more about careers in History from The American Historical Association.

Careers in Classics

It is not surprising that, routinely, Classics graduates are also accepted into graduate programs throughout the United States, including not only advanced academic programs in the humanities and social sciences, but also professional schools of law and medicine. Admissions boards and prospective employers view Classics graduates' solid base of knowledge, analytical, and communication skills as a guarantee of self-discipline, ability, adaptability, and ultimately, achievement.

Learn more about careers in Classics from The Society for Classical Studies. 

Careers in Art History

The creativity-enhancing study of art/art history can aid students in that the flexible and innovative abilities needed to create new paradigms have become attractive qualities in employees. An art-related curriculum develops just those skills.

Learn more about careers in Art History from The Art Career Project.