Students in the Department of History are encouraged to partake in an internship for credit. Internships provide valuable opportunities that allow you to acquire first-hand knowledge and grow your professional skill set. They also offer a chance to build your resume and network with professionals. Internships also play a vital role in helping you find exciting and rewarding positions after finishing your undergraduate degree. We will be developing our internship program with a few new opportunities, so stay tuned for updates!

History Internships

If you are interested in an internship please contact the internship coordinator Dr. Andrew Simpson.

There are many opportunities throughout Pittsburgh for internships in the fields of History and Public History. Take a look at the graduate student internship page to see where students have performed their internships in the past. 

Classical Civilizations Internships

If you are interested in an internship fill out the basic application form (which includes uploading a resume). 

Archaeology Internships

We currently offer four different archaeological internships that cover fieldwork, archaeological collections, and digital artifacts.

Christine Davis Consultants 

Archaeology interns work at local archaeological firm, Christine Davis Consultants. Christine and her team have excavated in and around Pittsburgh for over two decades, digging everything from Native American villages to Three PNC Plaza. Interns assist both in the main office (a beautiful old cider mill in Verona, PA) and in the field. Gain training in a wide variety of archaeological skills, including field surveys and shovel tests, water flotation, and cleaning and labeling newly discovered artifacts. Watch this video to learn more about what Christine Davis Consulting discovered under the PNC Plaza site!

Jackie at Jeanette Glass    Christine Davis
Classics major Jacqueline Patterson holds a piece of glass while surveying the      Jeanette Glass Factory in the fall, 2017

   Christine Davis Consultants, housed in a restored 19th century mill. (Verona,PA)

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Conservation Internship

Conservation interns focus on collections preservation, working on artifacts from all the museum's departments. Interns help maintain collections through environmental management, treatment (including properly cleaning objects and specimens), and storage improvements. Students also learn about risks to the collection. In addition to hands-on exposure to the basics of conservation, students develop a better understanding of the particular materials found in natural history collections (including anthropology).

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Collections Management

Learn the basics of managing and organizing artifacts and archives with the 1.5 million-piece archaeological collection at the Carnegie. Collections interns experience a hands-on course in general collection management, doing photography, writing descriptions, and building storage boxes and mounts, among other things. Participate in major projects to rehouse the artifacts, and tackle the loads of archaeology-related jobs they have for interns.

Digital Humanities at Duquesne

Interns learn the basics of 3D-scanning and modelling for archaeological outreach and research. Receive training and gain familiarity with 3D processing software MeshLab and SketchFab. Interns work with scanned artifacts from ancient Greece, creating models that will be used by archaeologists and museums, including the Corinth Excavations and Corinth Archaeological Museum.