Classical Civilizations Major

The study of Classics is a balanced investigation into the societies of ancient Greece and Rome, two of the most enduring and influential societies in the western world. It also explores their interactions with people and cultures throughout the Mediterranean and its environs, including Europe, North Africa, and the Near and Middle East.

Classics majors study the perplexing problems that continue to confront society and explore the answers to questions such as:

• How does one cope with human mortality?
• What is the nature of human responsibility and justice?
• What is the relationship between one's individual privileges and one's public obligations?
• How should a society be governed?
• What leads to a society's prosperity and peace, and what to its violence and decline?
• How does a society's literature and art reflect and shape the beliefs, desires, and fears of its people?

Major Requirements

Students take 30 credits from among the following areas:

• Ancient History
• Ancient Archaeology
• Ancient Literature courses in English
• Latin courses*

The study of the Latin language is recommended but not required.

*Courses at the 200-level and above also count toward the McAnulty College's literature requirement. Courses at or above the 202 level automatically fulfills the McAnulty College's language requirement.

Students are invited to consult with the department for additional information.