History Major

The History Major is designed to:

  • encourage both breadth and depth of knowledge in the discipline
  • help students practice methods of historical scholarship in contemplative and ethical ways
  • broaden and deepen students' understanding of how and why humanity and different cultures have developed as they have

Curriculum: 30 Credits

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.  No more than 12 transfer credits or 9 A.P. credits may be applied towards the History Major.

Required Survey Courses: 6 credits (3 credits of which must be HIST 203 or HIST 213)

HIST 203: U.S. to 1877
HIST 213: Western Civilization I
HIST 204: U.S. since 1877
HIST 214: Western Civilization II

Required Methods Course: 3 credits

HIST 311W: Writing History

(HIST 311W should be taken by your junior year, preferably between your third and fifth semesters. You must also complete your required survey courses before enrolling in HIST 311W. In extenuating circumstances, a student may take one of those at the same time as HIST 311W.Required Methods Course: 3 credits

African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle Eastern Courses: 6 credits

HIST 161: Latin American Civilization*
HIST 162: East Asian Civilizations*
HIST 229: Ancient Egypt: Language, Literature, Culture, and Biblical Connections
HIST 231: Pre-Colonial Africa
HIST 243W: Jews Under Empire
HIST 251: African History Survey
HIST 252: India, Pakistan, and South Asia
HIST 254: The History of the Modern Middle East
HIST 256: Social History of China
HIST 270: Latin America: Conquest to Independence
HIST 271: Modern Latin America
HIST 277: History of Mexico
HIST 291: History of Japan
HIST 292: History of Traditional China
HIST 293: History of Modern China
HIST 376: Revolution: Modern Latin America
HIST 378: Modern Africa: Independence and Issues
HIST 379: East Asia and the U.S.
HIST 381: East Asian History through Film
HIST 382: Latin American History through Film
HIST 482W: Inter-American Relations
HIST 483W: Mexico and U.S.
HIST 485W: China in Revolution
HIST 488W: China and the West

**400W-Level Writing Intensive Courses: 3 credits

HIST 401W: Medieval Europe
HIST 415W: Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HIST 417W: Europe: Reason and Revolution
HIST 419W: 19th Century Europe
HIST 422W: 20th Century Europe
HIST 428W: British Empire
HIST 429W: Historic Preservation
HIST 430W: The Atlantic World, 1450s-1750s
HIST 433W: Gender in History
HIST 445W: Imperial Russia
HIST 446W: 20th-Century Russia: Romanovs to Putin
HIST 448W: World at War
HIST 452W: Modern Germany 1871-1991
HIST 461W: African American History: Multiple Voices
HIST 465W: Reform in America
HIST 470W: History of Urban America
HIST 472W: Work and Enterprise in American History
HIST 473W: U.S. Cultural and Intellectual History (summer only)
HIST 476W: Individualism in American History (summer only)
HIST 477W: Nature & the American Experience (summer only)
HIST 482W: Inter-American Relations
HIST 483W: Mexico and U.S.
HIST 485W: China in Revolution
HIST 488W: China and the West
HIST 491W: Senior Honors Seminar
HIST 499W: Directed Reading: Selected Historical Topics (1-3 credits)

Electives: 12 credits

You may use any(*)(***) of the courses listed above and the other courses(*)(***) offered by the History Department towards your electives.  At least one of the electives must be at the 300-level. With very few exceptions, courses may not be "double-counted" to fulfill an elective and another requirement at the same time.

Please note that most 300- and 400W-level courses are taught on a two-year cycle.

(*) (**) (***) 

*Only one 100-level course may be used towards the major in History. This course can also be used for a University Core Theme Area requirement. 

**You must pass HIST 311W before enrolling in any 400W-level course.

***Only one Art History course may count toward the History major. You can count three credits of a non-western Art History course (the one Art History course allowed for the History major) to count toward the African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle Eastern requirement.