History Minor

The History Minor is designed to:

  • supplement a student's major
  • allow a student to pursue interests in past events
  • provide a basic foundation in historical processes

If you wish to minor in History, please discuss your options with your student succes coach and/or the Undergraduate Director within the History Department 

Students who minor in History are required to take 15 credits in the subject field (either HIST, CLSX, or PHST courses).

  • Of those 15 credits, six credits must be in either the U.S. History or Western Civilization surveys
  • three credits in Latin American, Asian, or African
  • three credits at the 300 or 400- levels
  • Only one 100-level course may be counted towards the major, but the course cannot also be counted for the Bridges Core
  • No more than 6 transfer credits my be applied toward a minor
    Curriculum: 15 credits