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External* Speaker and Presentation Series

Sponsored by The McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts / Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research

Professor Linda Alcoff, Dept. of Philosophy, Syracuse University, March 15-16, 1995: "Raced Purely or Purely Erased: Conceptions of Mixed Race Identity."

Professor Slavoj Zizek, Institute for Sociology, Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 11-12, 1995: "Lacan and the Politics of Sexual Difference."

Professor Peter Caws, Dept. of Philosophy, George Washington University, March 28-29, 1996: "Mind at the End of the Millennium."

Professor Richard Williams, Dept. of Sociology, Rutgers University, April 18-19, 1996: "Renaming Symbolic Boundaries: Hiding and Revealing Social Inequalities."

Co-Host to the Thomas Merton Center Award Dinner for Winona Laduke, White Earth Chippewa and environmental, indigenous, and women's rights activist (with a public address by Ms. Laduke on indigenous rights). Nov. 21, 1996.

Professor Janet Wolff, Dept. of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester, February 6-7, 1997: "Questions of Disciplines: Sociology and the Humanities."

Professor Nancy Fraser, Dept. of Political Science at the Graduate Faculty of the New School of Research, Sept. 25-26, 1997: "Social Justice in the Age of Identity Politics."

Professor Cary Nelson, Dept. of English, University of Illinois at Urbana, March 23-24, 1998: "Meltdown or Community: Crisis and Opportunity in Higher Education."

Co-Host to the Thomas Merton Center Award Dinner for Studs Terkel (with a public address by Mr. Terkel on his book, Working, and a performance piece by local actors on the same topic). Nov. 1998.

Professor Elizabeth Grosz, Dept. of Comparative Literature, State University of New York at Buffalo, Nov. 2-3, 1998: "Darwin and Feminism: Preliminary Investigations into a Possible Alliance."

Professor David R. Roediger, Director of American Studies, University of Minnesota, Feb. 3-4, 1999: "Black on White: African-American Studies of Whiteness."

Co-Host to the Thomas Merton Center Award Dinner for Wendell Berry (with a public address by Wendell Berry, "Practicing Resurrection: Stewardship of the Planet and Its Peoples"). Nov. 22, 1999.

Professor Carolyn Merchant, Chancellor's Professor of Environmental History, Philosophy, and Ethics at the University of California at Berkeley, Feb.3-4, 2000: "Reinventing Eden: Women, Nature, and Narrative."

Professor Manthia Diawara, Professor of Africana Studies, American Studies, and Comparative Literature, and Film Director of the Institute of Afro-American Affairs and the Africana Studies Program, New York University, Oct. 19-20, 2000: "The 1960's in Bamako, Mali: Malick Sidibe and James Brown"; plus a screening of his film at the Carnegie Museum of Art: "Diaspora Conversations."

Professor Leonard Schatzman, Professor Emeritus at the University of California at San Francisco, Dept. of Social and Behavioral Sciences in the School of Nursing, April, 19-20, 2001; also sponsored by the Duquesne PhD. Program in Nursing: "An Alternative Variant of the Method of 'Grounded Theory.'"

Professor Ernesto Laclau, Professor of Political Theory, Dept. of Government, University of Essex, England; Director of the Doctoral Programme in Ideology and Discourse Analysis, Oct. 11-12, 2001, "The Construction of Popular Identities."

Professor Sonia Ospina, Graduate Director, Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University, Spring 2002, "Perspectives on Leadership: Our Approach to Research and Documentation for the Leadership for a Changing World Program."

Professor. Caroline Knowles, Reader in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Southampton, Hampshire, England, Oct. 21-22, 2002; jointly sponsored with the Duquesne Sociology Dept.: “Four Journeys in Search for a Theory of Globalization."

Mr. Chuck Collins, M.B.A, Program Director for a Fair Economy and Coordinator for the Call to Preserve the Estate Tax, “Why America Should Tax Estates and Other Accumulated Fortunes,” March 20, 2003; jointly sponsored with the Center for Social and Public Policy and the Thomas Merton Center.

Professor Judith Stacey, Professor of Sociology and Professor of Gender and Sexuality at New York University, Jan. 5-6, 2004, jointly sponsored with Women's and Gender Studies Program:  “Married to the Market?  The New Haves and Have Nots of Contemporary Conjugal Politics.”

Professor Mary C. Boys, Skinner and McAlpin Professor of Practical Theology at Union Theological Seminary, March 29, 2004: "Interpretations of the Passion and Death of Jesus: Implications for Jewish-Christian Relations", respondent: Rabbi Alvin Berkun.

Professor Elijah Anderson, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, Nov. 4-5, 2004: “Violence and the Inner City Poor.”

Professor Iris Marion Young, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago, November 3-4, 2005: "Structural Injustice and the Politics of Difference", Symposium: Responsibility and Global Justice: A Social Connection Model"

Professor Edward Casey, Distinguished Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook, March 23, 2006: "Coming to the Edge: Reflections on Borders and Boundaries"; March 24, 2006: "Research Methods in the Wake of Phenomenology"

Professor Kenneth J. Gergen, Mustin Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College, November 9, 2006: "Religion, Relativism and the Moral Order"

Professor Robert D. Romanyshyn, Senior Core Faculty Member, Clinical and Depth Psychology Programs, Pacifica Graduate Institute, October 11, 2007: "The Wounded Researcher"

Professor Olga Belova, Lecturer in Management, Department of Accounting, Finance, and Management, University of Essex, UK, October 18, 2007: "Difference and Interruption in Research Narratives"

Professor Kelly Oliver, W. Alton Jones Chair of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University, October 26, 2007: "Sexual Difference, Animal Difference: Derrida and Difference 'Worthy of Its Name'"

Professor Michael Berube, Paterno Family Professor in Literature, Pennsylvania State University, January 24, 2008: "What Happened to Cultural Studies?"

Conference: A New Democracy? Economics, Culture, and Difference, Co-sponsored by the Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research, the Critical Race Theory Series at Duquesne University, and the Graduate Program for Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor Franco Berardi (Bifo), Department of Sociology of Communication, Accademia delle Belle Arti, Milan, Italy: "Politics of Imagination: What Guattari Is Teaching Us Today"

  • Professor Clarence Sholé Johnson, Deptartment of Philosophy, Middle Tennessee State University: "Democracy in a Pluralistic Society."

  • Professor David Schweickart, Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago at Loyola: "Reading Habermas Legitimation Crisis During the Meltdown"

Professor Greg M. Nielsen, Director of the Concordia Center for Broadcasting Studies, Concordia University, April 14-15, 2010, "Demos, Pathos, Ethos: Framing Poverty and Immigration in the Montreal and New York Press"

Professor Joel Olson, Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Northern Arizona University, November 3, 2011, "Undocumented People and the Radical Disinterest in (White) Citizenship"

Conference: Cosmopolitics - Unity, Diversity, and Global Subjects, Co-sponsored by the Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research, the Critical Race Theory Series at Duquesne University, and the Graduate Program for Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Tony Smith, Iowa State University:"The Cosmopolitics of Capital: Prospects for Renewal and Decline"

  • Professor Jason Hill, DePaul University: "Towards a Cosmopolitan and Political Conception of Civic Friendship"

  • Professor Walter Mignolo, Duke University:"Pachapolitics and Decoloniality"

Professor Carola Suárez-Orozco, New York University, April 19-20, 2012, "Living in the Shadows: Developmental Implications of Unauthorized Status" and "Immigrant Youth: A Mixed Methods Perspective"

Mary Watkins, Ph.D., Depth Psychology Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, November 11-12, 2012, "Up Against the Wall: Re-Imagining the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands"

Daniel W. Smith, an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Purdue University, March 21-22, 2013, "Time, Truth, and Thought"

Erika Doss, Professor and Chair of the Department of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame, April 3-4, 2014, "The Aesthetics of Victimization: Commemorating Loss, Violence, and Catastrophe in Contemporary Public Art"

Max van Manen, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, March 12, 2015, "Kairos and Inception: On the Phenomenology of Insight", March 13, 2015, "Phenomenology of Practice​"

Anna De Fina, Professor of Italian Language and Linguistics, Italian Department, Georgetown University, April 9, 2015, "Constructing a Latino Identity in Radio Broadcasting," April 10, 2015, "Narrative Analysis in the Study of Identities"

Gaurav Desai, Professor of English and African and African Diaspora Studies, Tulane University, October 8, 2015, Public Talk "Gandhi as Allegory" & October 9, 2015, Symposium "Ocean and Narration"

Didier Franck, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Université Paris X, November 6, 2015, "From Phenomenology to Theology?" (co-sponsored event)

Eugenie Brinkema, Associate Professor of Contemporary Literature and Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, February 18, 2016, Public Talk "Incremental Love" & February 19, 2016, Symposium "Violence and the Diagram: Or, The Human Centipede"

Karen Teel, Professor of Theology, University of San Diego.  October 26, 2016, Public Talk "The Unbearable Weight of Whiteness" & October 27, Symposium "Whiteness in Catholic Theological Method."

David Seamon, Professor of Architecture, Kansas State University. March 16, 2017, Public Talk "Portraying Human Experience Visually and Aesthetically: Andreé Kertész as a Photographer of the Lifeworld" & March 17, Symposium "Understanding Place Holistically: Cities as Synergistic Relationality"

Mindy Fullilove Thompson. MD, Professor of Urban Policy and Heath, The New School. April 9, 2018, Public Talk "400 Years of Inequality" & April 10, Seminar "Making an Anniversary Observance"

Jacqueline Cabasso, National Co-convener for United for Peace and Justice.  September 21, 2018, Public Talk "Our Divided World: The Quest for Nuclear Disarmament and the Growing Dangers of Wars Among Nuclear-Armed States"

David Schweickart, Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.  April 6, 2019, Public Talk, "Economic Democracy: Economic Infrastructure and Ethical Foundation" at Symposium, "Democratic Socialism Symposium: Economics, Ethics, Politics"

Asad Haider, Philosophy Post-Doctoral Fellow at Penn State University.  April 6, 2019, Public Talk,"Organization, Class, and the State" at Symposium, "Democratic Socialism Symposium: Economics, Ethics, Politics"

Gary Gumpert and Susan Drucker (Workshop). Urban Communication Foundation. November 16, 2021, "UrbanSpeak: Interpreting the Language of Neighbors"

Oxana Bayer, Fullbright Visiting Scholar. March 13, 2022, "The Aftermath of Social Repressions: Lived Experiences of People in Soviet Ukraine"

*Speakers from outside the Pittsburgh area who give both public address and symposium