CIQR Presentation Archives 2000-2001

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Agendas, Minutes and Notices

Academic Year 2000-2001

September 14, 2000: Monthly Speaker: Ellen Olshansky, Chair, Nursing PhD Program, Duquesne University: "A Paradox of Data-based Findings and Intuitive Processes: When a Concept Defies Measurement"

October 19, 2000: Monthly Speaker: Drs. Orlando and Rhonda Harrison, School of Education, Duquesne University: "Alternative Views of Success: Two Views from Educational Research"

November 16, 2000: Monthly Speaker: Dr. Judith Bowman, Professor of Music Education and Music Technology, Mary Pappert School of Music, Duquesne University: "Masters in Music Education Online: Perspectives on Online Learning"

January 18, 2001: Monthly Speaker: Dr. Gary Shank, School of Education, Duquesne University: "The Mirror, the Window, and the Lantern"

February 22, 2001: Monthly Speaker: Dr. Lisa Lopez Levers, Counseling Psychology and Special Education Dept, School of Education, Duquesne University: "An Ethnographic Analysis of Traditional Healing and Rehabilitation Services in Southern Africa: Crosscultural Implications

March 24, 2001-- GSO Conference: Conversations with the Other: including:

  • Dr. Lanei Rodemeyer, Philosophy Dept.: "Phenomenology of Perception"
  • Ms. Jeanne Schulte, English Dept.: "In Their Own Voices: Engaged Pedagogy in the Online Classroom"
  • Ms. Ellen Smith, English Dept.: "The Cata-logic Imagination: Mail-Order Copy, Consumer Culture, and Tender Buttons"

April 19, 2001: Monthly Speaker: Mr. George Yancy, McAnulty Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, Duquesne University: "The Meaning of African-American Philosophy Through the Qualitative Modality of Interviewing"