CIQR Presentation Archives 2001-2002

Presentation Archives

Agendas, Minutes and Notices

Academic Year 2001-2002

September 13, 2001: Monthly Speaker: Dr. Noreen B. Garman, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Marina Piantanida, School of Education and Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh: "Qualitative Dissertation Research

October 11, 2001-- External Speaker: Professor Ernesto Laclau, Department of Government and Director of the Doctoral Programme in Ideology and Discourse Analysis, University of Essex, England; Visiting Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, University of Buffalo: "The Construction of Popular Identities"

October 25, 2001: Discussion of "Forgiving Another: Emergence of the Dialogical Approach," by Steen Halling, Michael Leifer, and Jan O. Rowe, an article in a forthcoming collection of articles on interpretive and qualitative method edited by Dr. Constance Fischer.

November 15, 2001: Monthly Speaker: Professor Mark Frisch, Department of Modern Languages and Literature, Duquesne University: "You Might Be Able to Get There from Here: Reconsidering Borges and the Postmodern"

November 29, 2001-- Panel including:

  • Professor Maureen R. O'Brien, Dept. of Theology and Director of Pastoral Ministry, Duquesne University:"Ministry Practices and Education at the Boundaries: Studying Lay Ecclesial Ministers and their Multiple Knowledge Communities."
  • Professor Gary Federman, Dept of Political Science, Duquesne University: "No Man's America: The Assassination of William Mckinley and the Birth of Disciplinary Society."
  • Professor Chad Lackey, Dept. of Sociology, Duquesne University: "The Rhetoric of Violence in Popular Culture: The Cases of White Collar and Computer Crime."

January 17, 2002-- Organizational Meeting

February 21, 2002-- External Speaker: Dr. Sonia Ospina, Associate Professor of Public Management and Policy, Director of the Doctoral Program 1997-2001, New York University Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service: "New Lenses on Leadership: A Constructionist Approach"

March 21, 2002-- Monthly Speaker: Professor John Markoff, Department of Sociology and Research Professor in the University Center for International Studies, The University of Pittsburgh: "Margins, Centers, and Democracy: The Paradigmatic History of Women's Suffrage."

April 18, 2002-- Monthly Speaker: Panel including:

  • Dr. Barbara Duarte Esgalhado, Dept. of Psychology, Duquesne University: "The Formulation of Subjectivity as a Three-Dimensional Process"
  • Dr. Suzanne Barnard, Dept. of Psychology, and Dr. Monique Roelofs, Dept. of Philosophy, Duquesne University: "A Sensory Send-off: Nicolette and the Pleasures of Aesthetification"

June 13, 2002: Monthly Speaker: Drs. Lisa Lopez Levers, Emma Mosley (Education), and graduate students, Duquesne University: "Experiences of Racism and African American Responses to the Images of Lynchings in "Without Sanctuary": From Inquiry to Pedagogy."