CIQR Presentation Archives 2005-2006

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Agendas, Minutes and Notices

Academic Year 2005-2006

Sept 22, 2005-- Monthly Speaker: Maureen O'Brien, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Theology and Director of Pastoral Ministry, Duquesne University) and Helen Blier, Ph.D (Researcher, Educator, Consultant): "Focus Groups in Qualitative Research: Presumptions and Strategies."

Oct. 20, 2005-- Monthly Speaker: Leswin Laubscher, Ph.D (Psychology Department, Duquesne University). and Kathleen Roberts, Ph.D. (Communication and Rhetorical Studies Department, Duquesne University): "Culture and Identity"

Nov. 3 - 4, 2005-- External Speaker: Dr. Iris Marion Young, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago: "Structural Injustice and the Politics of Difference, Responsibility and Global Justice: A social Connection Model."

Dec. 1, 2005-- Monthly Speaker: Constance Fischer, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology, Duquesne University) and Norman Conti, Ph.D. (Department of Sociology, Duquesne University): "Participant Observation and Empirical Phenomenological Research."

Dec. 7, 2005-- Special Event: CIQR Certificate Presentations:

  • Bill Blais, Department of Psychology: " Prometheus' Flame: A Mythological Examination of Technology."
  • Linda Zane, Department of Education: "Teachers' Attachment Recollections from Childhood as Predictors of Teacher-Child Relationships WIthin Early Childhood Classrooms."
  • Tanya A, Brown, Department of Psychology: "Conversations Matter: An Ethnographic Evaluation of a Local Community Iniative."
  • Fadoua Loudiy, Department of Rhetoric:"Phobias Reborn: Politics of the Other and Excesses of Memory"
  • Tom Sparrow, Department of Philosophy: "Essex School Discourse Analysis: What's it For?"
  • Anne Marie Hansen, Department of Education: "Experiences in Service Learning: Listening to Many Voices."
  • Mandy Schleifer, Department of Psychology: "Bridging the Research-Practice Gap: Involving Therapists in the Development of Clinically Relevant Research Questions."
  • John Danna, Department of Psychology:"Narrative Change in Psychotherapy."

Jan.26, 2006-- Monthly Speaker: Dr. James Swindal, Dept. of Philosophy, Duquesne University: "Working Off the Past: The 'Methodology' of Critical Theory" and Dr. Laura Callanan, Dept. of English, Duquesne University: "Literary Theory, Identity Politics, and the Ideals of Close Reading."

February 16, 2006-- Monthly Speaker: Katherine Blee, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Womens Studies, and History, University of Pittsburgh: "Racism as a Social Movement"

March 23-24, 2006-- External Speaker: Edward S. Casey. Ph. D., Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, State University of New York at Stony Brook.  Public Talk: "Coming to the Edge: Reflections on Borders and Boundaries and Research Methods in the Wake of Phenomenology;" Symposium: "Research Methods in the Wake of Phenomenology."

April 21, 2006-- Psychology Department and CIQR joint presentation: A Workshop on "Qualrus:" Software on Qualitative Research.