CIQR Presentation Archives 2012-2013

Presentation Archives

Academic Year 2012-2013


September 20, 2012--Monthly Speaker: Professor Marco Gemignani, Dept. of Psychology, Duquesne University: "Living Undocumented"

October 25, 2012--Monthly Speaker: Yolanda Hernández-Albújar, Sociology Department, University of Pittsburgh: "Migration, motherhood and memories of home."

November 7-8, 2012--External Speaker: Mary Watkins, Ph.D., Depth Psychology Program, Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Public Talk: "Towards Psychologies of Liberation;" Symposium: "Up Against the Wall: Re-Imagining the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands."

November 29, 2012--Monthly Speaker: Daniel Lieberfeld, Ph.D., Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy, Duquesne University: "Reconciliation After War: The Role of Political Leaders"

January 24, 2013--Monthly Speaker: Dr. Terry Smith, Andrew W Mellon Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory, University of Pittsburgh: "Contemporaneity as a Quality of our World Picture"

February 21, 2013--Monthly Speaker: Dr. Lisa Lopez Levers, Professor of Counselor Education and Supervision in the School of Education, Duquesne University; and Dr. Catherine Sherman, Assistant Dean for Academic Advising in the Office of Academic Affairs, Washington & Jefferson College: "Depictions of Psychiatric Disorders in 80 Years of Hollywood Films"

March 21-22, 2013--External Speaker: Daniel W. Smith, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Purdue University. Public Talk and Symposium: "Time, Truth, and Thought"

April 16, 2013--Speial Event: CIQR pro-seminar student presentations

  • Gerard O'Neil, History Department, Duquesne University, "Towards a Thematic and Geographic Understanding of the 1946 Greek Elections"
  • Arpine Porsughyan, School of Social and Public Policy, Duquesne University, "What is Corruption and When is it O.K.? An Analysis of the Public Perceptions in Two Regions of Armenia."
  • Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, Educational Foundations and Leadership (ProDEL), "The Tie That Binds: Race, Discipline & Reproduction in Urban PreK-12 Schooling"
  • Dr. Khlood Salman, School of Nursing, Duquesne University, "The meaning of health among Iraqi women during resettlement in the U.S"
  • Andy Smith, School of Social and Public Policy, Duquesne University, "Exploring resettlement in Pittsburgh, PA: The experience of integration for Bhutanese refugees"
  • Elvin Yusifli, School of Social and Public Policy, Duquesne University, "An Analysis of Institutional Impediments to Effective Decentralization in Azerbaijan: The Problem of Competences and Resources in Local Self-Government"

April 18, 2013--Monthly Speaker: John Dwyer, Associate Professor of History, Duquesne University: "Destroying and Rebuilding the Border Environment"