CIQR Presentation Archives 2013-2014

Presentation Archives

Academic Year 2013-2014

September 11, 2013--Monthly Speaker: Magali Cornier Michael, Professor and Chair of English, Duquesne University: "Narrative Innovation in 9/11 Fiction;" and Fred Evans, Professor of Philosophy and CIQR Coordinator, Duquesne University: "Citizenship and Public Art: The Political Aesthetics of New York's 9/11 Memorial"

October 10, 2013--Monthly Speaker: Kirk Savage, Professor of History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh: "The Corpse and the Name: The Civil War and the Origins of Modern Commemoration"

November 6, 2013--Monthly Speaker: Tom Eyers, Department of Philosophy, Duquesne University: "The Peril of the Digital Humanities: New Positivisms and the Fate of Literary Theory"

December 5, 2013--Monthly Speaker: Mark Paterson, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Communication Department, University of Pittsburgh: "On 'Inner Touch' and the Moving Body: Aisthêsis, Kinaesthesis, Aesthetics"

January 16, 2014--Monthly Speaker: Julia Sienkewicz, Assistant Professor of Art History and Director of the Program in Art History, Duquesne University: "Placing Sight: Benjamin Henry Latrobe and Landscape Aesthetics"

February 13, 2014--Monthly Speaker: Alexander Kranjec, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Duquesne University: "Conceptualizing Space: Between Art and Neuroscience"

March 19, 2014--Monthly Speaker: Susanne Slavick, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Art, Carnegie Mellon University: "Out of Rubble: Toward Emphathic Unsettlement"

April 3-4, 2014--External Speaker: Erika Doss, American Studies Professor at the University of Notre Dame: "The Aesthetics of Victimization: Commemorating Loss, Violence, and Catastrophe in Contemporary Public Art"