10-26-2017 Matthew Ussia

Poster for Dr. Ussia's talk

View a recording of Dr. Ussia's talk here.

Date: Thursday, October 26th, 2017
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Location: Berger Gallery (207 College Hall), Duquesne University
Title: The Infinite Terror of Open Spaces
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Ussia, Department of English and Theatre Arts, Duquesne University

This talk explores the anxieties that dominate contemporary discourse about college campuses. It begins with lesson planning as the Virginia Tech Massacre was unfolding on cable news, and goes on to explore human subjectivity under privatization utilizing Fight Club, torture porn, and the short-lived cable reality show Campus PD as examples, ending with contemporary safe space controversies. Campus has long represented a space a part from the home. Under privatization, anything that cannot be owned and locked away is therefore suspect, creating a contradiction which increasingly defines the campus as a space to be distrusted.

Dr. Matthew Ussia is an Instructor of Writing in the Department of English and Theater Arts here at Duquesne. He is currently preparing the manuscript for his first monograph, which this presentation will be from. He is also currently co-editing a collection called Punkademia: Spaces and Access which explores issues of inclusion and agency in punk rock and academia. His writings have most often been called relentlessly bleak and frustratingly glib.