11-16-2017 Daniel Burston

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Date: Thursday, November 16th, 2017
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Location: Berger Gallery (207 College Hall), Duquesne University
Title: Dust and Fog, Fire and Salt: Karl Stern's Emigré Experience
Presenter: Dr. Daniel Burston, Department of Psychology, Duquesne University

Karl Stern (1906-1975), a German-Jewish psychiatrist, fled Nazi Germany for London in 1935. He moved to Montréal in 1939, where he converted to Catholicism in 1943. This paper explores salient passages from his memoir, The Pillar of Fire (1951), his novel, Through Dooms of Love (1960) and In and Out (1989), a "confessional poem" by Daryl Hine, to illustrate and contextualize the feelings of powerlessness, isolation and anonymity Stern experienced after his forced migration from Germany; feelings that were complicated (on arrival in Canada) by severe ethnic antagonisms between Jews and Catholics that existed at that time. It also explores Stern's attitude toward various strategies of adaptation adopted by fellow emigres, and Daryl Hine's disparaging attitude towards Stern's identification with his European heritage and his Catholic faith.

Daniel Burston is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department, and author of numerous books and journal articles in the history of the behavioral sciences, including "A Forgotten Freudian: The Passion of Karl Stern" (Karnac: London, 2016.)