11-12-2020 Dan Holland

Dan Holland Lecture

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Title: "Communities of Resistance: How ordinary people developed creative responses to marginalization in Lyon and Pittsburgh, 1980-2010"

Presenter: Dan Holland, Adjunct Instructor, Department of History, Duquesne University

Abstract: Social capital is a form of resistance used by marginalized people to control their communities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Lyon, France, between 1980 and 2010. Motivated by transnational civil rights campaigns, Alinsky-style organizing techniques, and the formation of innovative associations this investigation proceeds decade-by decade alternating between the experiences of those in Pittsburgh with those of Lyon, to describe low-income residents' responses to discrimination and economic and social deprivation. As this study shows, residents on the social and economic margins fought back to establish their legitimacy and redirect capitalist intentions that would have otherwise ignored low income and minority areas.

Bio: A Pittsburgh native, Dan Holland founded the Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh and has held positions at local, regional, and national community development organizations. This semester, he is teaching HIST 151 Shaping of the Modern World and HIST 214 Western Civilization II. Holland has taught World History, History of Sport, Sport
& Global Capitalism, History of the 1960s, Debating the Purpose of American Government, and History of Pittsburgh at the University of Pittsburgh and Penn State New Kensington.