Application for Admission for Certificate Program

The CIQR Certificate Program Committee requires that candidates for the certificate complete an application that includes an essay specifying their reasons for seeking the certificate and the types or aspects of interpretive and qualitative methods that interest them -- in short, what skills, information, and ideas they wish to obtain from the courses they will take. This will help the committee select students for the program, carry out its advisory role in relation to the students, and adapt the certificate curriculum to fit student needs.

Candidates for the program are required to have a GPA in the range of 3.00-4.00 and at least one letter of recommendation from a professor in their major or doing work related to interpretive and qualitative research. In special cases, a student could enter the certificate program on the basis of a successful interview with the certificate committee.

Please fill out the CIQR application and contact us directly if you are interested in applying.