Premises & Learning Objectives

The Certificate Program encompasses a range of learning objectives that are predicated on a number of premises including the following:

  • Understanding interpretive and qualitative research entails an understanding of key philosophical and practical assumptions;
  • Acquiring and building upon basic competence in interpretive and qualitative research is an on-going process encompassing both conceptual and methodological skills;
  • Socialization into communities of scholarly academic discourse is integral to the development of competence in interpretive and qualitative research;
  • Individuals will enter the Certificate Program with a range of abilities and interests; and
  • The perceived usefulness and relevance of the Certificate Program will increase to the extent that individuals are able to pursue their learning needs and objectives.

Given these premises, a list of potential competencies provided in Appendix A is meant to serve as a framework for encouraging self-assessment by participants in the Certificate Program and for engendering discussion among participants and faculty. They are not to be used either as prescriptive or restrictive programmatic requirements. It is anticipated that additional competency statements will be added to this list as CIQR members and others have opportunities to review and comment on this program description.