10-21-21 Dr. Pamala Dillon

Smack talking mean girls: What social creativity reveals about Corporate Social Responsibility

Title: Smack talking mean girls: What social creativity reveals about Corporate Social Responsibility

Presenter: Dr. Pamala (PJ) Dillon

Abstract: Organizational member perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) positively influence organizational identification (OID) via self-assessment mechanisms supporting self-enhancement and self-consistency, generally positioning CSR as a positive aspect of an organizational identity, highlighting organizational attractiveness, members' value congruence and other favorable CSR perspectives. Exploring how members make sense of CSR, the qualitative case comparison presented reveals how negative perceptions of CSR may also contribute positively to OID by proposing specific social creativity processes, including downward social comparison and revaluation, that occur in the social identification process. Social aggression (downward social comparison) from competitors in the dimension of CSR provides the stimulus for organizational members to revalue the importance of CSR more generally. Using the lenses of social identity theory, organizational identity and organizational identification, interviews with members of four specialty coffee roasting companies were conducted investigating the role of CSR in organizational identification. Thematic analysis and case comparisons revealed that CSR may be a central or peripheral dimension of an organizational identity, influencing OID through both positive and negative perceptions of CSR. Contributing to the person centric micro-CSR literature, propositions regarding the centrality of CSR within organizational identity and how this may influence organizational identification are developed


Dr. Pamala (PJ) Dillon is an Assistant Professor of Management at Duquesne University. She earned her PhD in Organization Studies from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research focuses on the intersection of social responsibility, leadership, and social identity. Organizational identity provides an orienting lens to explore the social psychological processes happening in organizational contexts, especially as organizational members and leaders engage in and make sense of socially responsible practices. PJ uses interpretive and qualitative inquiry to explore lived experiences in organizational contexts.

Serving as the President of the US Chapter Board of Directors of the International Humanistic Management Association, PJ promotes the amplification of humanistic management scholarship. Focusing on well-being and dignity as foundations of flourishing, humanistic management offers a reorienting perspective within the management literature. PJ's conceptual work in this arena focuses on incorporating humanistic psychology into discussions around assumptions related to human motivations and how people experience life in the workplace.

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