3-14-21 Oxana Bayer Visiting Fullbright CIQR Talk

Presenter: Oxana Bayer

Description: "The Aftermath of Social Repressions: Lived Experiences of People in Soviet Ukraine"
Dr. Oxana Bayer, Visiting Fullbright Scholar, Department of Psychology, Alfred Noble University, Ukraine.

Abstract: Abstract: The psychology of Ukrainian society, on account of its Soviet history, possesses features that influence everything that is happening right now - both on social and subjective levels. The objective of this research presentation is to reveal specifics of Soviet witnesses' understanding and viewing historical, political, and social processes of the time, within which they lived, worked, and built relationships. In an attempt to investigate the current horrible events on the average Ukrainian, this presentation will look at the suitability of qualitative research.

Date: Monday, March 14 at 3.00pm.

The Hybrid Talk will be virtual at Fisher Hall Room 628

For questions please contact Dr. Erik Garrett, garrett @duq.edu or Judith Udechukwu, udechukwum@duq.edu

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