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Account Policies

Welcome to the computing facilities of the Department of Mathematics/Computer Science at Duquesne University.

To use the computer system operated by the department every use will need an account created.  Note: this account is different then your mutipass.

To request an account fill out the following form:Account Request Document and email the completed form to, Math IT:

or go to the Math/CS main office in 440 College Hall with a completed form to request an account.

It is each student's responsibility:

  • to ensure that the user I.D. and password remain private.
  • Usernames and Password's are to never be shared.
  • In the event that your account card is ever lost or stolen, please report the loss immediately to: Math IT: so the affected account can be locked.

Every Person who is issued an account is expected to log off of all applications and the computer(s) in questions when they are finished, failure to do so will result in the following consequences:

1st Offense: Written warning to the account in question.

2nd Offense: Locking of the account, which will require a request to the department Systems Administrator to be unlocked.

3rd Offense: Account will be permanently locked, unless overruled by the Department Chair.

Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case by case basis.

Access to the Math and Computer Science department computers systems are a privilege, not a right.

Computer/Network Usage Policy

It is each student's responsibility to abide by the following polices:

  • Every student is allocated 1GB of disk space, no student is allowed to be using more then this amount (Exceptions can be made for projects and other school related work).
  • No personal non school files are allowed on the network.
  • Be professional in your conduct and use of the computer equipment.
  • The computer network may not be used for personal profit, or to gain access to any copyrighted work(s) unlawfully.
  • Math/CS equipment is not to be used for any purpose that violates the Mission Statement of Duquesne University

Everyone should also be aware of Duquesne University's Computing Ethics and Guidelines, which can be found on the Duquesne Computer and Technology Services (CTS) website at:

Please enjoy the use of our facilities, but use them responsibly.

Failure to abide by the policy's set above can result in suspension temporarily or permanently of your computer privileges as well as possible legal action.