Department Faculty and Staff


Picture of Professor D'Amico

Dr. Frank D'Amico
Professor of Statistics

Scholarship interests: analysis of medical data,
clinical trials, and issues in evaluating medical literature.

Contact Number: (412) 396-5978


Dr. Adam Drozdek
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Scholarship interests: algorithms and data structures; philosophy and computing.

Picture of Professor Fleming

Dr. John Fleming
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Graduate Director, MS in Computational Mathematics and Statistics

Scholarship interests: Mathematical Modeling and
Computation in Electromagnetics.

Contact Number: (412) 396-4851

Picture of Professor Gaur

Dr. Abhay Gaur
Professor Emeritus - Mathematics

Scholarship interests: functional analysis; analytical
and topological methods in catastrophe theory,
mathematical modeling theory of
American stock markets.

Picture of Instructor Goodburn

Mr. Matthew Goodburn 
Instructor of Mathematics/Statistics

Contact Number: (412) 396-1644

Photo of Dr. Nick Hurl

Dr. Nicholas Hurl
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Contact Number: (412) 396-1418

Picture of Professor Jackson

Dr. Jeffrey Jackson
Professor of Computer Science
Graduate Director, MS in Computer Science

Scholarship interests: foundations of decision theory and machine learning.

Contact Number: (412) 396-5116

Dr. Yaser Jararweh
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Scholarship interests: Distributed Systems; Edge Computing; Mobile Health;

Software Defined Systems; Cloud Computing; Big Data and 5G.

Dr. Patrick Juola
Professor of Computer Science
Cybersecurity Studies Coordinator
Joseph A. Lauritis, C.S.Sp. Endowed Chair in Teaching and Technology

Scholarship interests: computational linguistics;
computer security; cognitive psychology
Home Page:

Picture of Professor Kern

Dr. John Kern
Associate Professor of Statistics
Associate Dean, McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Scholarship interest: Bayesian statistics.

Contact Number: (412) 396-5179

Picture of Dr. Daewa Kim

Dr. Daewa Kim
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Contact Number: (412) 396-6165

Picture of Professor Levine

Dr. Stacey Levine
Professor of Mathematics
On professional leave during 2021-2022

Scholarship interests: mathematical methods for image processing,
partial differential equations, calculus of variations, sparse representations, deep learning.

Contact Number: (412) 396-6437

Picture of Instructor Lipecky

Mr. Alex Lipecky
Instructor of Mathematics

Contact Number: (412) 396-6467

Picture of Professor Neilan

Dr. Rachael Miller Neilan
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Assistant Chair

Scholarship interests: Agent-based models and simulation; PDE and ODE-based population models;
Optimal control theory; Applications of mathematics in the life sciences

Contact Number: (412) 396-6477

Mr. Brent Rogus
Visiting Instructor of Math

Contact Number: (412) 396-6145

Instructor Andrew Segal

Mr. Andrew Segal
Visiting Instructor of Computer Science

Contact Number: (412) 396-1835 

Picture of Professor Shashaani

Dr. Lili Shashaani

Professor Emerita - Computer Science

Scholarship interests: accessibility for women and
minorities in computer science

Picture of Instructor Shtrahman

Ms. Larisa Shtrahman
Instructor of Mathematics

Scholarship interest: math education

Contact Number: (412) 396-4625

Picture of Professor Simon

Dr. Donald Simon
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Scholarship interests: natural language understanding and
automated theorem proving; artificial intelligence;
computational biology
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Picture of Professor Sugden

Dr. Lauren Sugden
Assistant Professor of Statistics

Scholarship interests: Statistical Inference, Probabilistic Modeling and
Machine Learning,and Evolutionary Genomics.

Contact Number: (412) 396-1648

Picture of Instructor Tierney Mr. Sean Tierney

Senior Instructor of Statistics

Scholarship Interests: Evaluating the validity and reliability
of standardized test results; linking and equating test

Contact Number: (412) 396-5489

Picture of Professor Wimmer

Dr. Karl Wimmer
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department Chair

Scholarship interests: Discrete function analysis, learning

Contact Number: (412) 396-6467
Home Page:

Picture of Instructor Worthington Mr. Joseph Worthington

Instructor of Mathematics/Statistics

Scholarship interests: knot energy functions and

Contact Number: (412) 396-4612


If your instructor is not listed below contact the Department Office at 412-396-6467 or


Mr. Jacob Hodges
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics

Dr. Neda (Khalili) Blackburn
Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science

Dr. Tim Glaid
Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science

Mrs. Cynthia Jackson
Adjunct Instructor of Problem Solving with Creative Math.

Mr. Daniel Marcinek
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics

Mr. Kris Scigliano
Adjunct Instructor of Computer Science

Mrs. Carolyn Sofko
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics

Dr. Arthur Sugden
Adjunct Instructor of Data Science


Mrs. Billie Kay Rebholz
Administrative Assistant II

Contact Number: (412) 396-6467