Conference Presentation Data Archive

2016-2107 Academic Year


• Juola, Patrick and Sean Vinsick. (2017, July). Personality and Politics: Myers-Briggs Personality Types on Twitter in the US 2016 Presidential Election. Digital Humanities, Montréal, Canada-Quebec.
• Juola, Patrick and George K. Mikros. (2017, June). Cross-linguistic correlations in lexical complexity; an approach to cross-linguistic authorship attribution. 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, Porto, Portugal.
• Juola, Patrick (2017, May). Detecting Contract Plagiarism via Stylometric Methods. Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond, Brno, Czech Republic.
• Juola, Patrick, Sean Vinsick, and Michael V. Ryan. (2016, August). Are Most People On Twitter Introverts? A Distributional Analysis of Personality Types on Twitter. QUALICO 2016, Trier, Germany.
• Juola, Patrick and George Mikros. (2016, July). Authorship Attribution Using Different Languages. Digital Humanities 2016, Kraków, Poland.
• Juola, Patrick and George Mikros. (2016, June). Cross-Linguistic Stylometric Features: A Preliminary Investigation. JADT 2016, Nice, France.
• Juola, Patrick (2016, March). The Psycholinguistics of Constructed Languages: Authorship Attribution. Ponying the Slovos Symposium, Coventry, Great Britain.
• K. Wimmer, Y. Filmus, G. Kindler, and E. Mossel (2016, May-June). Invariance principle on the slice. Conference on Computational Complexity 2016, Tokyo, Japan
• K. wimmer, M. Cheraghchi, E. Grigorescu, B. Juba, and N. Xie. (2016, July) AC0-MOD2 lower bounds for the Boolean Inner Product. International Colloquium on Algorithms, Languages, and Programming 2016, Rome, Italy


• A. Haensch. (2017, May). Integral representations by sums of polygonal numbers, Seventh Upstate Number Theory Conference, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
• A. Haensch. (2017, March). Integral representations by sums of polygonal numbers, 31st Automorphic Forms Workshop, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
• A. Haensch. (2017, Jan). Kneser-Hecke operators for codes over finite chain rings, AWM Workshop at the 2017 JMM, Atlanta, GA
• A. Haensch. (2016, June). Lattices which are spinor regular but not regular, Southern New England Conference on Quadratic Forms and Modular Forms, Wesleyan University
• A. Haensch. (2016, May). Integral representations by sums of polygonal numbers, Langenhop Lecture and SIU Mathematics Conference, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
• Juola, Patrick (2016, June). Did Aunt Prunella Really Write That Will? A Simple and Understandable Computational Assessment of Authorial Likelihood. Workshop on Legal Text, Document, and Corpus Analytics - LTDCA 2016, San Diego, California.
• S. Levine. (2016, May). Special Session on "The Never-Ending Story of Image Denoising," Talk title: A Decomposition Framework for Image Denoising. SIAM Conference on Imaging, New Mexico
• R. Miller Neilan. (2016, July). A Spatial Agent-Based Model for Feral Cats and Analysis of Population and Nuisance Control. Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Conference on the Life Sciences, Boston, MA
• K. Wimmer, C. Canonne, E. Grigorescu, S. Guo, and A. Kumar. (2017, Jan). Testing k-monotonicity. Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science 2017, Berkeley, CA


• A. Haensch. (2016, April). The representation problem for ternary quadratic polynomials, Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics Seminar, University of Pittsburgh
• J. Jackson. (2017, April). What is a theorem?, Allegheny Mountain Section meeting of Mathematical Association of America