Scholarship and Service

A. Books

Adam Drozdek
  • Data structures and algorithms in C++, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, [Chinese translation], (2006).

  • Data structures and algorithms in Java, Beijing: China Machine Press, [Chinese translation], (2006).

  • Data structures and algorithms in C++, Boston: Course Technology (3rd edition), (2005).

  • Data structures and algorithms in Java, Boston: Course Technology (2nd edition), (2005).

  • Elements of data compression, Warszawa: WNT 1999; Pacific Grove: Brooks/Cole (2002).

Jeff Jackson
  • Web Technologies: A Computer Science Perspective, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall (2007).

Patrick Juola
  • Principles of Computer Organization and Assembly Language Using the Java Virtual Machine, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, (2007).

B. Articles and Book Chapters

Frank D'Amico
  • "The comfort of family physicians with health care of patients of the opposite gender", (with SA Paluska). Family Medicine, vol 32(9):612-7, (October 2000).

Adam Drozdek
  • "Frank on beauty", Idea 18, 109-119 (2006).

  • "Anaxagoras and the everything in everything principle", Hermes 133, 163-177 (2005).

  • "Sceptics and a religious instinct", Minerva 18, 93-108 (2005).

  • "Protagoras and instrumentality of religion", L'Antiquité Classique 74, 41-50 (2005).

  • "Worst case for comb sort", Informatyka Teoretyczna i Stosowana 5(9), 23-28 (2005).

Abhay Gaur
  • "Spectra in Banach and locally convex algebras", Portugaliau Mathematica, 64(1):11-19. (2007).

  • "Commutativity modulo radical and spectra in L.M.C. algebras", Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 15(1), 48-54 (2003).

  • "Banach Valued Probability Measures", Applied Math Letters 15(7), 913-916 (2002).

  • "Maximal and minimal seminorms and g-bounded operators on L.M.C. algebras", International J. of Nonlinear Sci. and Simulation, 2(3), 283-288 (2001).

  • "Norm one projections on Banach Spaces", Quaestiones Mathematicaes 24(4), 491-492 (2001).

Jeff Jackson
  • "On Learning Random DNF Formulas under the Uniform Distribution" (with R. A. Servedio), Theory of Computing 2, 147-172 (2006).

  • "Uniform-Distribution Learnability of Noisy Linear Threshold Functions with Restricted Focus of Attention", Proceedings of the 19th Annual Workshop on Computational Learning Theory, 304-318 (2006).

  • "Exploring learnability between exact and PAC" (with N. Bshouty and T. Tamon), Journal of Computer and System Sciences 70(4), 471-484 (2005).

  • "Learning Random log-depth Decision Trees under the Uniform Distribution" (with R. A. Servedio), SIAM Journal on Computing 34(5), 1107-1128 (2005).

  • "More Efficient PAC-learning of DNF with Membership Queries Under the Uniform Distribution" (with N. Bshouty and T. Tamon), Journal of Computer and System Sciences 68(1), 205-234 (2004).

  • "Preference Elicitation and Query Learning" (with A. Blum, T. Sandholm, and M. Zinkevich), Journal of Machine Learning Research 5: 649-667 (2004).

Patrick Juola
  • "Authorship Attribution for Electronic Documents", in International Federation for Information Processing Series in Computer Science, Olivier & Shenoi (Eds.), 222:119-130, (2006).

  • "A Prototype for Authorship Attribution Software" (with Sofko, John and Brennan, Patrick), Literary and Linguistic Computing, 21:169-178, (2006).

  • "Encapsulating Architecture and Encapsulating Processes", Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25(6), 759-759 (2003).

  • "One Word, One Module?", Cortex 39(1), 135-137 (2003).

  • "The Time Course of Language Change", Computers and the Humanities 37(1), 77-96 (2003).

John Kern
  • "Total Curvature and Total Torsion of Knotted Polymers", (with Patrick Plunkett, Michael Piatek, Akos Dobay, Kenneth C. Millett, Andrzej Stasiak, and Eric J. Rawdon), Macromolecules, 40(10):3860-3867, (2007).

  • "Pig Data and Bayesian Inference on Multinomial Probabilities", Journal of Statistics Education, 14(3), (electronic-only journal, http: //, (2006).

Doug Landsittel
  • "Reciprocal influence of concurrent walking and cognitive testing on performance in older adults" (with Faulkner KA, Redfern MS, Rosano C, Newman AB, SA Studenski, JM Zmuda, Cauley JA, Kritchevsky SB, Simonsick EM), Gait and Posture, 24:182-189 (October 2006).

  • "Higher 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 concentrations associated with lower fall rates in older community-dwelling women" (with Faulkner KA, Cauley JA, Zmuda JM, Newman AB, Studenski SA, Redfern MS, Ensrud KE, Fink HA, Lane NE, Nevitt MC), Osteoporosis International, 17(9):1318-1328 (September 2006).

  • "Effect of Lipodystrophy on Quality of Life Changes during the HAART Era", (with Steel J, Calhoun B, Wieand S, Kingsley L), AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 20(8):565-575, (August 2006).

  • "Circulating IL-8 and anti-IL-8 autoantibody in patients with ovarian cancer", (with Lokshin AE, Winans M, Marrangoni AM, Velikokhatnaya L, Mudugno F, Nolen BM, Gorelik E), Gynecological Oncology, 102(2):244-251. (August 2006).

  • "Biomonitoring of exposure in farmworker studies" (with Barr DB, Thomas K, Curwin B, Raymer J, Lu C, Donnelly KC, Acquavella J), Environmental Health Perspectives, 114(6):936-942, (June 2006).

  • "Laboratory and statistical issues related to farmworker exposure studies" (with Barr DB, Nishioka M, Thomas K, Curwin B, Raymer J, Donnelly KC, McCauley L, Ryan B), Environmental Health Perspectives, 114(6):961-968, (June 2006).

Stacey Levine
  • "Variable Exponent, Linear Growth Functionals in Image Restoration" (with Chen, Y and Rao, M.), SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, 66(4):1383-1406, (2006).

  • "An Adaptive Variational Model for Image Decomposition", in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Rangarajan, Anand; Vemuri, Baba; Yuille, Alan L. (Eds.), 3757:382-397, (2005).

  • "The Existence of the Heat Flow of H-Systems" (with Y. Chen), Journal of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, 8:1 219-236 (2002).

  • "Diffusion Tensor and Continuous Approach of Neural Networks in Image Processing" (with Y. Chen), Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 13, 156-175 (2002).

  • "Anisotropic Diffusion Driven by Diffusion Tensors" (with Y. Chen). Proceedings of SPIE, Mathematical Modeling, Estimation and Imaging 4121:148-157, (2000).

Donald Simon
  • Comment on "Phylogenetic MCMC Algorithms Are Misleading on Mixtures of Trees", (with Ronquist, F., Larget B., Huelsenbeck, P., Kadane, J., van der Mark, P), in Science, 312, p. 367, (April 2006).

  • "A Bayesian approach to the estimation of ancestral genome arrangements", (with Larget, B. and Kadane, J.), , in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 36, Issue 2, 214-223, (August 2005).

  • "A Bayesian analysis of metazoan mitochondrial genome arrangements", (with Larget, B., Kadane J., Sweet, D.), in Molecular Biology and Evolution, 22, 486-495, (March 2005).

  • "On a Bayesian approach to phylogenetic inference from animal mitochondrial genome arrangements" (with B. Larget and J. Kadane), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B 64, 681-693 (2002).

  • "Phylogenetic inference from mitochondrial genome arrangement data" (with B. Larget), in Computational Science - ICCS 2001. Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2074, 1022-1028 (2001).

C. Software

Stacey Levine
  • "JDiffuse" (with Jon Stanich), August, 2003.

Donald Simon
  • "Bayesian Analysis to Describe Genomic Evolution by Rearrangement (BADGER)" (with B. Larget) Version 1.01 beta, (April 21, 2004).

  • "Bayesian Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution (BAMBE)" (with B. Larget), version 2.03, (May 2001).

D. Presentations

Frank D'Amico
  • "A Retrospective Analysis of HealthCare Utilization by Somali Bantu refugees in Pittsburgh", (with Harris, Drew (presenter)), Pennsylvania Academy Family Practice Research Day Conference, Philadelphia, PA, (April 13, 2007).

  • "Access and Availability of the Internet as a patient education tool", (with Vikram Arora, MD (presenter)), Pennsylvania Academy Family Practice Research Day Conference, Philadelphia, PA, (April 13, 2007).

  • "Assessment of Intefrnet Usage and Applicability of Internet Based Patient Communication", (with Vikram Arora, MD (presenter)), Northeast Regional Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Conference, Boston, MA, (October 21-23, 2006).

  • "Clinical Epidemiological Concepts in Research", Invited three hour workshop to faculty and residents at Johnstown Hospital, Johnstown, Pa. (April 25, 2001).

  • "Meta-Analysis in Clinical Practice", Invited one hour workshop (Part II) to UPMC family practice residents. Pittsburgh, PA, (April 23, 2001).

  • "Clinical Decision Making Research Tools", Invited 90 min workshop to faculty, residents and medical students at Annual Pa. Academy Research Day Conference, Philadelphia, Pa., (April 6, 2001).

  • "Designing the Clinical Question", Invited 2 hour workshop to Ph.D. health science students at University of Pittsburgh, (March 16, 2001).

  • "Meta-Analysis in Clinical Practice" Invited one hour workshop (Part I) to UPMC family practice residents. Pittsburgh, Pa., (October 25, 2000).

  • "Name that Study - Diagnosis: A unique approach to examining the evidence on journal articles on diagnosis", Three hour workshop presented at the National Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Conference, Orlando, Florida, (May 5, 2000).

  • "A Comparison of Continuity of Care Between Traditional and Longitudinal Family Practice Residency Curriculums", Co-presenter with Dr. Merenstein of Alexandria, Va., at the National Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Conference, Orlando, Florida, (May 6, 2000).

John Fleming
  • "Analysis of the Convergence of Fourier Coefficients Using a Variational Approach", 2006 Fall Central Section Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, University of Cincinatti, Cincinatti, OH, (October 22, 2006).

Jeff Jackson
  • "Uniform-Distribution Learnability of Noisy Linear Threshold Functions with Restricted Focus of Attention", 19th Annual Conference on Learning Theory, Carnegie Mellon University, (June 23, 2006).

  • "Average-Case Learnability", Mathematics and Computer Science Department Seminar, Clarkson University, (March 2005).

  • "Harmonic Analysis in Learning Theory", Yale Workshop on Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (invited participant), Yale University, (September 2004).

  • "On Quantum Learning of Small DNF Functions", SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, San Diego, CA, (February 2003).

  • "Exploring Learnability Between Exact and PAC", 15th Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, (2002).

  • "On the Efficiency of Noise-Tolerant PAC Algorithms Derived from Statistical Queries", 13th Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory, Stanford University, (June 2000).

Patrick Juola
  • "Future Trends in Authorship Attribution", Third Annual Conference of the IFIP Working Group 11.9, Orlando, FL, (January 2007).

  • "Context-Sensitive Computer-Aided Index Generator", (with Lukon, Shelly (presenter)), Digital Humanities 2006, Paris, France, (July 2006).

  • "Killer Applications in Digital Humanities", Digital Humanities 2006, Paris, France, (July 2006).

  • "Towards an Automatic Index Generation Tool", Canadian Symposium for Text Analysis (CaSTA-04) "The Face of Text", Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (November 2004).

  • "Proving and Improving Authorship Attribution" (with J. Sofko), Canadian Symposium for Text Analysis (CaSTA-04) "The Face of Text", Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (November 2004).

  • "On Composership Attribution", Proceedings of the 2004 Joint Annual Conference of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing and the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ALLC/ACH 2004). Goteborg, Sweden, (June 2004).

  • "Ad-hoc Authorship Attribution Competition", Proceedings of ALLC/ACH 2004. Goteborg, Sweden, (June 2004).

  • "Becoming Jack London", Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Quantitative Linguistics (QUALICO-2003), Athens, GA, (May 2003).

  • "A Controlled-Corpus Experiment in Authorship Identification by Cross-Entropy", (wth H. Baayen) Proceedings of ACH/ALLC 2003, Athens, GA, (May 2003).

  • "Temporal Factors Underlying Linguistic Change", 2003 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Atlanta, GA, (January 2003).

John Kern
  • "A Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Longitudinal Frequency Data Using Piecewise Linear Regression", Joint Statistical Meeting, Seattle, WA, (August 8, 2006).

Doug Landsittel
  • "Associations of physical function and fall frequency in older Caucasian women", (with Faulkner, KA (presenter), Cauley JA, Zmuda JM, Cummings AR, Studenski SA, Nevitt MC), Annual Meeting of the American Geriatrics Society, Seattle, WA, (May 2007).

  • "CYP2D6 and CYP2C19 mRNA levels are not affected by mild chronic hepatitis C liver disease", (with Zgheib NK (presenter), Buch S, Steele A, Shaw-Stiffel TA, Romkes M, Branch RA), American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Annual meeting, Anaheim, CA, (March 2007).

  • "Model complexity for the AIC statistic with neural networks", (with Ferris D), North American Biometrics Meeting, Atlanta, GA, (March 2007).

Stacey Levine
  • "PDE and variational based methods for image processing: image decomposition, segmentation, registration, inpainting", New Directions in Complex Data Analysis for Emerging Applications, Breckenridge, CO, (March 2007).

  • "Variational Methods in Cartoon+Texture Decomposition", SIAM meeting on Imaging Science, Minneapolis, MN, (May 2006).

  • "An Adaptive Variational Approach for Image Decomposition", PDE-based image processing and related inverse problems, Oslo, Norway, (August 2005).

  • "An Adaptive Variational Approach for Image Decomposition", American Mathematical Society Fall Eastern meeting, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, (October 2005).

  • "Noise Removal and Texture Extraction using Nonstandard Growth Functionals", Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Banff International Research Station, Banff, Canada, (October 2004).

  • "Nonstandard Diffusion in Image Restoration" (invited), Mathematical Methods in Imaging and Vision Workshop, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, (January 2004).

Donald Simon
  • "Phylogenetic Inference from Mitochondrial Genome Arrangement Data", (with Bret Larget). 2001 International Conference on Computational Science, San Francisco, CA, (May 2001).

E. Grants

John Fleming
  • "Efficient Computation of Electrostatic Potential for use in Molecular Dynamic Simulations", Duquesne Faculty Development Fund, May 2007-June 2008. Amount awarded: $9,972.

Jeff Jackson
  • "Fourier Analysis of Learning Problems and Function Classes", National Science Foundation, September 2002-August 2006.
    Amount awarded: $200,567.

Patrick Juola
  • Faculty/Student Research Grant, McAnulty College, Spring 2007.
    Amount awarded: $500.

  • "A Model of Aphasia using Dictionary-Derived Natural Language Semantics", Oxford University Press. Supported by provision of research corpora from the Digial Reference library. (2003).

John Kern
  • Faculty/Student Research Grant, McAnulty College, Spring 2007.
    Amount awarded: $500.

Doug Landsittel
  • Undergraduate student support, Centers for Disease Control - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 8/28/06 - 12/13/06.
    Amount awarded: $1,596.

  • Faculty/Student Research Grant, McAnulty College, Spring 2007.
    Amount awarded: $500.

  • "Quantifying Model Complexity with Neural Networks", Duquesne University Faculty Development Fund, 2005-2006.
    Amount awarded: $7,759

Stacey Levine
  • "Variational and PDE based methods for image processing", National Science Foundation, August 2005-July 2008.
    Amount awarded: $139,900.

  • "Fire Scar Detection and Analysis: Assessing Future Fire and Flood Hazards via Partial Differential Equations" Duquesne University Faculty Development Grant, May 2004-May 2005.

  • "Diffusion Based Models for Image Processing", 2001 Duquesne University Faculty Development Grant, May 2001-May 2002.
    Amount awarded: $6113.

Lili Shashaani
  • "Diversity in Computation Technology", Alcoa Foundation, 2006-2007 academic year and summer 2007.
    Amount awarded: $20,000.

  • "Increasing the Participation and Achievement of Female and Minority Students in Computer Science", Wimmer Family Foundation grant, summer 2007.
    Amount awarded: $3,500.

Donald Simon
  • "Improving Bayesian Phylogeny" with B. Larget and D. Baum (U. of Wisconsin at Madison), J. Kadane and M. Derthick (Carnegie Mellon U.) from the National Institutes of Health, June 2003 - May 2008.
    Amount awarded: $1,449,570.

F. Scholarly Service and Activities

George Bradley
  • Recipient of the MAA Allegheny Mountain Section Award for Distinguished Service (Spring 2004).

  • Member, MAA Committee on Professional Development.

  • Member, MAA Coordinating Council on Meetings.

  • Member, MAA Committee on Sections.

Jeff Jackson
  • Member, Board of Directors, Association for Computational Learning (2004-present)

  • Reviewer for Learning Theory track, Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, 2006.

Patrick Juola
  • Founding Member, Digital Humanities Development Consortium (2003-present)

  • Program Committee, QUALICO-2003

  • Member, NSF Review Panel, Information Technology Research "medium", text and multilingual processing, May 2003

  • International Quantitative Linguistics Association (Member-at-Large of Executive Board, 2000-present)

  • International Steering Committee, New Methods in Language Processing (Member, 1999-present)

Doug Landsittel
  • Ad Hoc Member (Grant Reviewer), National Cancer Institute Study Section for 'Small Grants in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention', 2002-present.

  • Ad Hoc Member (Grant Reviewer), National Institute of Diabetic and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (of the National Institutes of Health) Study Section on 'Kidney, Nutrition, Obesity and Diabetes Epidemiology', 2005-present.

  • Member of the Centers for Disease Control, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Special Emphasis Panel on 'National Mesothelioma Virtual Registry and Tissue Bank', 2006.

Stacey Levine
  • National Project Next Fellow - Mathematics Association of America, 2000-2001.

Mark Mazur
  • Associate of the Center for Philosphy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh.