Computational Mathematics and Statistics - Program

Picture of Professor Levine in a computer lab


Computational Mathematics and Statistics is an advanced skills, career-preparation program that culminates in a Master of Science degree.

Primary Strengths

The Computational Mathematics and Statistics program’s primary strengths are:

  • Unique requirement that graduates be proficient in fundamental elements of applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, and data science
  • Accessibility of faculty members to students
  • Departmental commitment to excellence in teaching
  • Extensive faculty research activity and accomplishments
  • Cross-registration opportunities for students with Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh
  • Internship requirement with excellent placement record
  • Availability of capstone project/thesis option to appropriately-qualified students
  • Feasibility of completing the program while working full-time

Check out the program details for more informaton such as course work and electives.