Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a fee to apply for the MSCS program?

    Duquesne does not charge a fee for graduate applications.  However, if you wish to be considered for an assistantship, the GRE general exam is required, and if you are an international applicant, you might need transcript evaluation and/or English language testing.  We are unable to waive any fees that might be charged by third parties for such services.

  2. If I am an international student, can English language testing be waived for me?

    Language testing waivers can be granted for a variety of reasons, such as having earned a post-secondary degree from an accredited university entirely in English.  See the English Profficiency Requirements web page for details.

  3. How many credits must be taken to be considered a full-time student?

    An MSCS student must enroll in at least six credits (typically two three-credit courses) in a semester to be considered full-time for that semester.

  4. How much does the program cost?

    For 2022-23, the MSCS tuition is $1,054 per credit, and students must earn a total of at least 30 credits to complete the program.  Note that the current MSCS tuition rate is approximately 25% less than the typical program in Duquesne's Graduate School of Liberal Arts.  There is also a one-time $125 fee for new international students.  Estimates for other expenses, such as health insurance and living expenses, can be found at our Admissions page.

  5. What types of financial assistance are available?

    See the previous answer regarding the discounted tuition rate for MSCS courses relative to most other Liberal Arts programs.  For Spring 2023, no financial assistance is expected to be available.  For Fall 2023, we hope to be able to offer one teaching assistantship which would include some level of tuition remission and a stipend.  To be considered for a teaching assistantship, an applicant should indicate their interest in response to the appropriate question in the application system and submit GRE general exam scores.  Students are also encouraged to consider possible external sources of financial assistance.

  6. Does the program arrange internships?

    Although the MSCS program requires all students to complete an appropriate internship (or provide evidence of prior relevant work experience), we do not arrange internships.  Duquesne's Center for Career Development does support students seeking internships by providing access to the Handshake employment-search system, hosting job and internship fairs, leading resume and interview skills workshops, etc.

  7. Can I complete the MSCS program if I am a working professional or find employment after beginning the program?

    The MSCS program is designed with employed students in mind.  All program courses are scheduled to meet from 6:00 pm to 8:40 pm Eastern time.  A student has at least six years to complete the program, so they can potentially earn their degree even when completing only two courses most years and taking a leave for a semester or two.

  8. If I am an international student and am admitted to the MSCS program but fail to obtain a visa before classes start, can I still enter the program?

    Generally speaking, we expect students to attend class in person. However, we will consider requests for remote accommodation on a case-by-case basis.

  9. If I am admitted to the MSCS program for a particular semester but subsequently wish to enter the program in a later semester, can I do so?

    Admitted students can request a deferral of their admission for a variety of reasons.  Note that this request should be submitted at least 10 business days before the original entry date and that you will need to pay an enrollment deposit before a deferral will be granted.

  10. Will I be accepted to the MSCS program?

    Each application to the MSCS program is reviewed by a faculty committee that sends its recommendation to the Dean of Liberal Arts for a final decision.  Therefore, no one person can answer the question of whether an application will be accepted.  The only way to obtain an answer to this question is to submit a full application through the application system for review.  That said, if an application shows very little or no background in computer science, it is unlikely that the applicant will be admitted to the MSCS program, even provisionally.

  11. When will I receive a decision about my application?

    We aim to communicate decisions to applicants within three weeks of the completed application reaching the faculty admission committee.  However, at times we have received many applications in a short period of time.  Such a situation might lead to slighly longer response times.

  12. I have completed a three-year undergraduate degree.  Am I eligible to apply for the MSCS program?

    Before beginning the MSCS program, students must have successfully competed either a four-year or a three-year degree and a Master's degree. Therefore, we will not consider applications from students who expect to have completed only a three-year degree by the semester for which they are applying.

  13. How can I learn about off-campus housing options?

    Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of housing options.  The University's Office of Commuter Affairs maintains an off-campus housing information page.

  14. I have questions about the application process.  Who should I contact?

    For help with the application process, see help and contact information within the Duquesne application system, or contact

  15. I have visa questions.  Who should I contact?

    For visa or other immigration questions/concerns, visit the immigration portal or contact

  16. I am an international applicant and have questions regarding finances, housing, etc. that are not visa-related.  Who should I contact?

    For general international-applicant questions, visit the International Admissions web site, or contact

  17. I have been admitted to the Pathway for Computer Science program.  Who should I contact with questions about the English as a Second Language portion of this program?

    Visit the Pathway for Computer Science web site for course roadmaps based on your English language test scores.  For detailed information on English as a Second Language courses, see the ESL web site or contact

  18. I have questions about the MSCS program itself.  Who should I contact?

    For information about the MSCS program requirements, courses, and related issues, browse the MSCS web site, or contact the program director using the information in the left sidebar of this page.