December 4th - Dr. Frank D'Amico

  • 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • COLH 449

Title: “Data Science: Review and Application

Abstract: This seminar is an introductory non-mathematical overview of the new field in data analyses referred to as “data science”. Over the last five years or so, as the principles and words have become more common, I have attempted to stay current with the developments and concepts in this new area. This session is an introduction to address practical aspects, such as, what is data science (it’s definition and background history) plus what are the steps usually taken in a data science project. A description of the undergraduate curriculum taken from a successful college’s program will be presented. Specific course topics will be listed, as well as various examples of how data science techniques for “looking at data” can be applied. The last portion of this session will introduce a current ongoing study and show some preliminary results from that study. We will conclude illustrating a dilemma from the results and show how data science tools might help alleviate the problem.