Fr. Sawicki and students in COLH 105 SP 19 photo shoot

Program Information

Cybersecurity Studies Major

Students may choose to pursue a major in cybersecurity studies with a program leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A). The B.A. program requires thirty-three (33) credit hours total, including 21 hours in the Math/CS department, including the following courses.

  • MATH 135 Discrete Mathematics (3)
  • COSC 160: Computer Programming: Java (3)
  • COSC 215: Data Structures in Java (3)
  • COSC 220: Computer Organization and Assembly Language (3)
  • COSC 325W: Operating Systems (3)
  • COSC 460: Computer Security (3)
  • COSC/IR 464: Cybersecurity Studies Capstone Project (3)

Students must also take 12 credit hours from the International Security Studies program, including:

  • IR 404: Introduction to Information Awareness (3)
  • IR 432 Network Situational Awareness (3)
  • IR 462 Applied Threat Systems (3)

plus one three-credit IR security course from the ISS Requirements or Security courses.

Cybersecurity Studies Minor

For the 15-credit Minor the proposal is to use IR 404, 432 and 462 courses plus COSC 160 and 215. COSC 215 requires MATH 135 as a prerequisite but MATH 135 is not counted towards the 15 credit hours for the minor.

Cybersecurity Studies Double Major with Computer Science and/or ISS and/or IR

  • Students who wish to double major in Cybersecurity Studies and Computer Science can count no more than (9) COSC credits toward both majors.
  • Students who wish to double major in Cybersecurity Studies and International Security Studies and/or International Relations can count no more than (9) IR credits toward both majors.

Cybersecurity Studies Certificate

Computer Science Majors not pursuing a double major in Cybersecurity Studies can earn a Cybersecurity Studies Certificate by completing the twelve credits of IR coursework required for the Cybersecurity Studies major, as well as the 3 credit IR 464 capstone.