Duquesne students listen to lecture in computer lab

Learning Resources

Peer tutoring for introductory coursesYou do not have to be a genius to be successful in mathematics or statistics at Duquesne. Our small class sizes allow students to get frequent evaluation and assistance on an individual basis. As long as you like solving quantitative problems, and apply diligence to your studies, you should be able to succeed as a student of mathematics.

Mathematics students have access to many resources outside the regular classroom. You can:

  • receive free peer tutoring in introductory courses;

  • be mentored one-on-one by a mathematics faculty member;

  • become involved in faculty research;

  • enroll in specialized mathematics courses through cross-registration with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, two world-renowned research institutions;

  • utilize advanced mathematical software in both our classroom and homework labs, including Maple, MATLAB, SAS, R, JMP, SPSS, and more.

  • access a high-performance cluster computer for running computationally intensive mathematical programs.