Minor in Biostatistics

The Minor in Biostatistics is a fifteen (15) credit minor composed of courses from the mathematics and computational mathematics programs. While the minor is not available to mathematics majors1, it is available to any other Duquesne University student. Besides mathematics majors who may take it as a concentration, it may appeal to students in some of the natural, environmental, and health sciences. The set of all courses that apply towards the Minor in Biostatistics already exist and are taught regularly at Duquesne.

The courses required for the Minor in Biostatistics are chosen to position students to meet the following learning outcomes:

  1. Master several methods for statistical inference in the context of the biological and health sciences.
  2. Effectively communicate the results of a statistical analysis.
  3. Demonstrate capability with at least one major statistical software package.


Take all three:

  • MATH 225 Biostatistics I (3 cr; fall and spring)
  • MATH 335 Biostatistics II (3 cr; fall and spring)
  • MATH 325W Regression Analysis (3 cr; fall only)

Take any two:

  • MATH 435 Clinical Trials Design and Analysis (3 cr; spring only; odd years)
  • MATH 445 Prediction and Classification Modeling (3 cr; fall only)
  • BIOL 419 Bioinformatics: Analysis of Molecular and Genomic Data (3cr, fall only)


  • MATH 225 is a prerequisite for both MATH 335 and MATH 325W.
  • MATH 325W is a concurrency for both MATH 445 and MATH 435.
  • MATH 335, BIOL 111 + 111L, BIOL 112 + 112L, BIOL 212, and one of BIOL 250, 405, or 468 are the prerequisites for BIOL 419.
  • A minimum of four (4) semesters are required to complete this minor. Students taking BIOL 419 will require more than four semesters to complete this minor due to the four BIOL prerequisites to BIOL 419. The two most common minimum completion time examples are:

Sample Schedule #1 (fall start):

  • Fall Semester 1: MATH 225
  • Spring Semester 1: MATH 335
  • Fall Semester 2: MATH 325W + MATH 445
  • Spring Semester 2: MATH 435

Sample Schedule #2 (spring start):

  • Spring Semester 1: MATH 225
  • Fall Semester 1: MATH 335 + MATH 325W
  • Spring Semester 2: MATH 435
  • Fall Semester 2: MATH 445

1 Mathematics majors are instead eligible to earn a concentration in biostatistics.