Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Technology

(video produced by Media student)

The M.F.A. in Media Arts and Technology is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program of study that blends media arts, design, creative expression and technology. It provides opportunity for aspiring storytellers, designers, filmmakers, photographers, artists and technologists to exercise creativity through technology. 

Design as a problem-solving process is critical to media creation and development and central to the Media teaching philosophy. Innovative design thinking in Media Arts enhances awareness, understanding and learning.

Through individual and team design and media-creation projects, students engage the public in innovative ways, with media and technology, endeavoring to solve human problems and ultimately shape culture in positive, socially responsible ways. Students create culturally relevant artifacts and experiences in the form of exhibits, films and documentaries, interactive user experiences, journals, radio and television programs, human-technology interfaces, and websites for cultural, business and commercial, educational, and social contexts.

The M.F.A. is 42 credit hours. Students choose one of the program tracks: 1) Creative and Strategic Media, 2) Interactive Design, 3) Photography and Film.

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*Students enrolled in our Master of Science (M.S.) in Media Arts and Technology program can complete that program, but no new students are being accepted for it.

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