Human Factors Facility Facilities

Control and Testing Room

The testing area has three user workstations with flat panel monitors. Two workstations are equipped with Morae software and cameras for usability testing. Designed for usability testing, Morae software provides recordings of screens, users, mouse-clicks, keystrokes, etc. A third workstation is equipment with Noldus Video Observer XT observation/analysis software. “The Observer is the best professional software package for the collection, analysis and presentation of observational data" (Noldus). A VCR, DVD, or video camera can be connected to this computer for analyzing previously recorded or live observations.

A Viewpoint Eye-tracking system (Arrington Research) is housed in testing area. With the monocular system, a camera records eye movements as the user examines a visual stimulus.

A Windows server is housed in the control and testing room, which allows for monitoring of users in the group/observation room.

Group/Observation Room

This is an open area for small meetings or focus groups. The room is equipped with video cameras and microphones to record verbal and nonverbal communication. These recordings can then be analyzed using the Noldus Video Observer XT software.

Additional equipment housed in the facilities includes:

  • video cameras
  • microphones
  • DVD recorders
  • audio mixer
  • audiocassette Deck
  • portable digital recorder


  • Video Observer XT Pro
  • SPSS
  • Adobe Video Collection Pro, Lic w/ Photoshop
  • Morae
  • Camtasia