Independent Study

Independent studies are self-guided research projects based on students' areas of interest. Students must be aware that projects are independent. The instructor's role is guidance and evaluation, but an instructor may not be an expert in the topic at hand.

The student, in consultation with a mentor, must submit an Independent Study contract. The contract must identify specific readings and assignment schedules. The contract must be submitted to the chair of the department, who may or may not approve the Independent Study.

(video produced by Media student)

In the contract's description section, the student must define measurable goals. "Learn Premiere," for example, is vague and not measurable and, thus, not acceptable. "Produce a 3-minute video on the topic of campus printing costs, containing narration, superimposed lower-thirds graphics, background music and other audio, and transition effects" is much more acceptable.

If approved, students must meet with the instructor according to a predefined schedule set by the instructor.

Students are reminded that accepting an Independent Study proposal from a student is at the instructor of that topic's discretion.

Students may take no more than six credits of Independent Study within the Media department, and an Independent Study may not be taken on a topic if a course pertaining to that topic will be taught in that same academic year.