Second Major Requirements

Requirements for a Second Major Within the Media Department

Students who complete the requirements for one of the majors within the Media department (36 credits each) can complete the requirements for a second major within the Media Department by taking an additional 24 credits (a combined 60 credits for both majors) negotiated with and approved by a Media department mentor. These credits fulfill the requirement in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts that a student must have a minor or a second major.

Double Major With English

Students can double major in English and either Digital Media Arts, Multiplatform Journalism, Sports Information & Media, or Strategic Public Relations and Advertising.  Students who pursue this option will satisfy the 36-credit requirement for a major in English and the 36-credit requirement for a major in the Media Department by taking 66 credits of coursework approved by mentors in both departments, effectively sharing 6 credits of coursework between the two majors.

Double Major With Other Departments

Students should always consult with their advisers, especially when combining Media majors with other majors — liberal arts or otherwise — so as to complete minimum requirements.