Second Major Requirements

Requirements for a Second Major Within the Media Department

Students who complete the requirements for one of the majors within the Media department (36 credits each) can complete the requirements for a second major within the Media Department by taking an additional 24 credits (a combined 60 credits for both majors) negotiated with and approved by a Media department mentor. These credits fulfill the requirement in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts that a student must have a minor or a second major.

Note: Within the Duquesne Media department, only Digital Media Arts majors can double-major with Sports Information and Media. No double-major or major-minor combinations are permitted between Sports Information and Media and Multiplatform Journalism or Strategic Public Relations and Advertising.

Double Major With English

Students can double major in English and either Digital Media Arts, Multiplatform Journalism, Sports Information & Media, or Strategic Public Relations and Advertising.  Students who pursue this option will satisfy the 36-credit requirement for a major in English and the 36-credit requirement for a major in the Media Department by taking 66 credits of coursework approved by mentors in both departments, effectively sharing 6 credits of coursework between the two majors.

Double Major With Other Departments

Students should always consult with their advisers, especially when combining Media majors with other majors—liberal arts or otherwise—so as to complete minimum requirements.