101. Elementary Arabic I. 3 cr.

Fundamentals of oral and written Arabic. Focus on development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and culture. Special emphasis on oral communication. Fall.

102. Elementary Arabic II. 3 cr.

The sequel to 101. Prerequisite: 101 or equivalent. Spring.

201. Intermediate Arabic I. 3 cr.

An expansion of the language skills acquired in Arabic 101 and 102. Strengthening of basic structures and introduction of more complex structures. This course will increase accuracy in listening, speaking, reading and writing and promote knowledge of cultural background. Prerequisite: 102 or equivalent. Fall.

202. Intermediate Arabic II. 3 cr.

Fourth semester capstone course designed to continue the development of oral and written skills. Students will read and discuss selected cultural and literary texts, review grammar in the context of situations and readings, and explore cultural trends and issues. Prerequisite: 201 or equivalent. Spring.

206. Arab Culture 3 cr.

This course will engage students in the study of a variety of literary, linguistic, geographical, historical, social, religious, cultural and artistic aspects of the modern Arab world. Many course components are specifically intended to heighten students' sensitivity to racial bias and sharpen awareness of multicultural issues. The course intends to increase tolerance and understanding by providing students with a realistic view of the cultural contours of the modern Arab world and the richness of the Arab cultural heritage. Taught in English. Fall and Spring.