101.  Elementary Italian I.  3 cr.

Fundamentals of oral and written Italian. Focus on development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and culture. Special emphasis on oral communication. Fall and Spring. 

102. Elementary Italian II. 3 cr.

The sequel to 101. Prerequisite: 101 or equivalent. Fall and Spring. 

201. Intermediate Italian I. 3 cr. 

An expansion of the language skills acquired in Italian 101 and 102. Strengthening of basic structures and introduction of more complex structures. This course will increase accuracy in listening, speaking, reading and writing and promote knowledge of cultural background. Prerequisite: 102 or equivalent. Fall and Spring. 

202. Intermediate Italian II. 3 cr.

Fourth semester capstone course designed to continue the development of oral and written skills. Students will read and discuss selected cultural and literary texts, review grammar in the context of situations and readings, and explore cultural trends and issues. Prerequisite: 201 or equivalent. Fall and Spring. 

270.  Perspectives on the Holocaust.  3 cr.

Analysis of the Holocaust from a variety of perspectives (social, political, historical, cinematic, artistic, moral, etc.) to help students appreciate the enormity of the event.  A team-taught interdisciplinary course. Taught in English. Intermittently.

301W. Italian Conversation and Composition I. 3 cr.

A course designed to expand oral and written fluency through extensive reading, discussion, and writing on a variety of topics. A systematic grammar review is an integral part of the course. Prerequisite: 202 or equivalent. Fall.

302W. Italian Conversation and Composition II. 3 cr.

The sequel to 301 with more emphasis on fluency in speaking and writing and idiomatic use of the language. Prerequisite: 301W or equivalent. Spring.

308W. Italian Culture and Society. 3 cr.

Study of major historical, cultural and social developments. Taught in English. Intermittently.

314W.  Independent Study I . 1-3 cr.

Study of special topics with written permission of the department chairperson. Variable credit. Intermittently.

315W.  Independent Study II.  1-3 cr.

Study of special topics with written permission of the department chairperson. Variable credit. Intermittently.

321W. Survey of Italian Literature I: Middle Ages to 17th Century. 3 cr.

Study of representative authors and works from the Middle Ages to the 17th Century. Intermittently.

324W. Survey of Italian Literature II: 18th Century to the Present. 3 cr.

Main authors and movements from the 18th Century to the present. Intermittently.

400W. Italian Cinema.  3 cr.

Review of selected films with special emphasis on the social, cultural, political, and economic changes in Italy. Intermittently.

404W.  Special Topics.  3 cr.

This course, in agreement with the interests of the professor and the students, will emphasize, art, music, literature, history, film, and politics. Intermittently.

467W. Advanced Italian Grammar. 3 cr.

Study of the finer points of Italian grammar with emphasis on idiomatic uses of the language and the subtle differences in meaning in the use of specific elements of grammar. Intermittently.

480W. Directed Readings. 1-3 cr.

Individual research on topics in Italian language, literature or culture under close faculty supervision; with written permission of the department. Variable credit. Intermittently.

491W. Italian Internship. 1-6 cr.

Special permission. Contact department office. Intermittently.