B. A. Spanish

B.A. Spanish: 30 credits


MLSP 301W. Spanish Conversation and Composition I. 3 cr. 
MLSP 302W. Spanish Conversation and Composition II. 3 cr.


MLSP 306W. Intensive Spanish Conversation and Composition. 6 cr.

MLSP 327W. Spanish Culture and Civilization. 3 cr.


MLSP 332W. Spanish American Culture and Society. 3 cr.

MLSP 401W. Survey of Spanish Literature I: El Cid to el Siglo de Oro. 3 cr.


MLSP 402W. Survey of Spanish Literature II: 18th Century to the Present. 3 cr.

MLSP 356W. Contemporary Spanish American Fiction. 3 cr.


MLSP 453W. Trends in Latin American Literature. 3 cr.

Electives: 15 credits including MLSP 202

Course Offerings 2018-2019