Resources for Instructors

The Department is committed to making available to its faculty the best available resources for the teaching of modern languages. 

In recent years, we have invested in a number of new classroom technologies, as well new language-learning software programs, subscriptions to publishers' Web sites and lab materials, and a film library of feature length films and documentaries in various languages. In addition, in conjunction with Computing and Technology Services (CTS), we provide ongoing training sessions and workshops for all faculty on a periodic basis. Additional training programs and workshops are available through other University departments and centers (see below).

Online Resources

The Internet offers a vast variety of useful resources that can greatly enhance the student learning process and in-class experience. The majority of classrooms on campus have Internet access. The links posted on the pages below are designed to give instructors one-click access, in the classroom, to resources such as international newspapers and TV stations, online videos (in native languages), dictionaries and other useful tools.

Online Teaching Tools

There are also a number of useful Internet sites specifically devoted to the teaching of foreign languages. Click here to access a list of teaching tools compiled by the Department.









University Sponsored Training and Workshops

The University offers faculty members workshops and training programs on a wide range of topics--including pedagogical issues, scholarly research and publication and educational technology.

Click a link below for the upcoming schedule of training programs and workshops offered by the  listed center or department:

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

Human Resources

Computing and Technology Services (CTS)

Gumberg Library