What Our Students Are Saying

When I came to Duquesne University, I was confident that I wanted to pursue Spanish as a course of study. I had no idea when I made the decision to major in Spanish that it would turn out to be one of the best most valuable decisions I made. My first Spanish class was with a professor that exuded knowledge and a love of the language and culture and enthusiasm for helping us as we learned. I never imagined that studying in the Modern Language Department would lead to so many incredible opportunities but I am so grateful for every single one.

During my first year at Duquesne as a Spanish major I have had the opportunity to volunteer in the Hispanic community and take part in a ground-breaking educational volunteer program founded by two of the many incredible professors in the department. This lead me to grow as both a Spanish speaker and enabled to step into the community surrounding our campus. The following year I was greatly supported by the Department as I embarked on an independent study abroad experience in Salamanca, Spain. I learned a tremendous amount and I can confidently say that this experience would not have been possible without the department's guidance. Upon arrival back to the U.S., I embarked on an independent research project and was once again supported by the department who encouraged me to keep learning and push myself all the while I was taking classes from professors who were absolutely incredible.

The Modern Language Department at Duquesne was an invaluable asset to my educational experience at Duquesne. Without this department, I can truly say that I would be a different person. The faculty care so much about YOU and YOUR learning experience and will support you every step of the way. I have had the privilege of learning and working in the department as a Spanish tutor and I am constantly amazed by the support I receive. If you want to learn about yourself, the community, and the world while learning another language, the Department of Modern Languages at Duquesne University is the right place to be!"
Rachel Williams '18

"The German program here at Duquesne has made a tremendous impact on my future. The small size of it guarantees a close knit group of students all have personalized and focused education, leading to outstanding results. I had the opportunity to tutor in German and met with students from freshmen to doctoral candidates. This position helped me hone my own skills and no doubt has and will continue to strengthen my resume. Further, the deep understanding of linguistics and grammar I picked up through my German studies have allowed me to begin to teach myself more languages like Russian and Turkish. This summer I will be taking intensive Turkish classes at Pitt; my being in that program is tied in large part to my German career here at Duquesne. German is a vital language in the modern world and will continue to be so and the foundation learned in this program is applicable to any number of other languages too."
Luke Stegeman '18

"My experience learning German at Duquesne University was truly one of the best parts of my college career and one of my proudest achievements. Through German courses at Duquesne, I learned not only the fundamental mechanics of the German language, but also a solid working knowledge of German in a real-world context. Certain courses gave me an excellent understanding of the complex workings of German (and those of English, by extension), while other courses focused on culture, social issues, and other elements of contemporary German society and allowed me to take my German skills beyond those of grammar exercises alone. Most important to my German studies was the discussion element that many classes included. Classes were taught in such a way that students could guide discussion about certain issues and practice our language skills in a way that was interesting to us, which made learning German much more comfortable than simply repeating textbook exercises. In this way, I also feel as though my language skills are very applicable to real life settings, which I have not felt about other language courses I have taken in the past. Furthermore, my professor never put students in a position in which they felt uncomfortable or embarrassed while speaking, which was an absolutely crucial component to learning a new language. Overall, my experience learning German has been incredible, and the skills I gained through my studies have given me a great competitive advantage in my career field. I cannot wait to apply the skills I have learned at Duquesne to use in future settings!"  
AJ Arnett, '18

"The German program in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has been an invaluable part of my learning experience at Duquesne, academically and personally. The faculty has been extraordinary in creating a classroom dynamic where individual attention balances perfectly with classmate engagement. What you learn in class goes well beyond basic linguistics: the immersion in culture, art, film, history, and current events extends far beyond the classroom, giving me the confidence and ability to fulfill my dream of traveling abroad. I can honestly say that becoming a German minor was the best decision I made as a student at Duquesne." 
Elizabeth Rotz, '17, 

Over my four years at Duquesne, I have had an amazing experience! The faculty are exceptionally engaging and knowledgeable. I've also been fortunate to meet some of my best friends through the Spanish program. 
Tyler McCardell, '17, 

Throughout my studies at Duquesne University over the last four years, one of the most rewarding experiences has been my opportunity to minor in German. Studying German at Duquesne has given me the chance to expand my studies. The flexibility of the program and dedication of the professors has allowed me to work around my other major requirements and still graduate in four years.
Christoper DelFrate, '17,

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Duquesne helped me to retain what I had learned abroad and helped me to further develop my knowledge of German. The instructors were great and it was a great help to me in deciding to pursue a TEFL certificate to teach English abroad in Asia. What most people forget to mention, whenever they speak of learning a foreign language, is that one's skills in one's native tongue are also greatly affected.
Logen Fogal, ‘16