Philosophy Scholarship

Journal: Idealistic Studies

This peer-reviewed international journal is edited by Jennifer Bates. It is a leading venue for a number of philosophical movements that share idealism and German Idealism in their genealogies, including phenomenology, neo-Kantianism, historicism, hermeneutics, life philosophy, existentialism, and pragmatism.

Journal: Ancient Philosophy

This leading international journal is edited by Ronald Polansky. Ancient Philosophy has played a major role in exploring research on the Presocratics, Plato, and Aristotle. It also publishes many articles in Neo-Platonism and the philosophy of late antiquity.

Recent Faculty Books

Jay Lampert, The Many Futures of a Decision, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

Fred Evans, Public Art and the Fragility of Democracy, Columbia University Press, 2018

Ronald Polansky, Reading Aristotle: Argument and Exposition, co-edited with William Wians, Brill, 2017

Lanei M. Rodemeyer, Lou Sullivan Diaries (1970-1980) and Theories of Sexual Embodiment, Springer, 2017

Brian Cronin, Phenomenology of Human Understanding. Pickwick Publications, 2017

Tom Eyers, Post-Rationalism: Psychoanalysis, Epistemology and Marxism in Postwar France, Bloomsbury Academic, 2015

Ronald Polansky, Cambridge Companion to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Cambridge University Press, 2014

Jennifer Bates, Shakespeare and Continental Philosophy, co-edited with Richard Wilson, Edinburgh University Press, 2014

Tom Eyers, Lacan and the Concept of the ‘Real,' Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 Jay Lampert, Simultaneity and Delay. London: Continuum Books, 2012
James Swindal, Action and Existence: A Case For Agent Causation. Macmillan, 2012 Tom Rockmore, Kant and Phenomenology. University of Chicago Press, 2011
L. Michael Harrington, On the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy: The Thirteenth-Century Textbook Edition, Peeters, 2011 Patrick Miller, Becoming God: Pure Reason in Early Greek Philosophy, Continuum Press, 2011
 Tom Rockmore, Before and After 9/11: A Philosophical Examination of Globalization, Terror, and History, Continuum Press, 2011

Jennifer Bates, Hegel and Shakespeare on Moral Imagination. SUNY Press, 2010

Daniel Selcer, Philosophy and the Book: Early Modern Figures of Material Inscription. Continuum Press, 2010

Jay Lampert, Philosophical Apprenticeships: Contemporary Continental Philosophy in Canada, co-edited with Jason Robinson, University of Ottawa Press, 2009

Fred Evans, The Multivoiced Body: Society and Communication in the Age of Diversity. Columbia University Press, 2009

Ron Polansky, Aristotle's De anima: A Commentary, Cambridge University Press, 2007
Tom Rockmore, Kant and Idealism. Yale University Press, 2007 Tom Rockmore, In Kant’s Wake. Blackwell, 2006
Lanei Rodemeyer, Intersubjective Temporality: It’s About Time. Springer, 2006 Jay Lampert, Deleuze and Guattari's Philosophy of History, London: Continuum Books, 2006
Brian Cronin, Value Ethics: A Longergan Perspective, Consolata Institute of Philosophy Press, 2006 Jennifer Bates, Hegel's Theory of Imagination, SUNY Press, 2004

Philosophy and Music

The Philosophy Department currently supports curriculum interaction with the Duquesne Music School. Up to two graduate courses can be taken from select music theory courses in the Music School that count for either the M.A. or the Ph.D. philosophy curriculum.

Women’s and Gender Studies

The Philosophy Department regularly cross lists courses, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, with the Women’s and Gender Studies program.