Duquesne Women in Philosophy

Duquesne Women in Philosophy (D-WiP) emphasizes research support, community service, and provides a forum for continued philosophical discussion. In service of these ends, D-WiP hosts Brown Bag Discussions, engages in community service projects, coordinates with GSIP for the Colloquia Series and organizes academic events throughout the year.

For more information, contact D-WiP at dwipcontact@gmail.com

D-WiP hosted their seventh conference, entitled "Embodied Voices: Phenomenological, Hermeneutical, and Psychoanalytic Approaches to Health" (co-sponsored and co-organized with Duquesne Minorities and Philosophy and Graduate Students in Philosophy), on 26-28 February 2021. The keynote address was given by Dr. Gail Weiss (George Washington University). The plenary talk was given by Dr. Megan Craig (Stonybrook University).

"Embodied Voices" Conference Poster

Past conferences

D-WiP has organized several conferences, which usually begin with a roundtable as an avenue for discussing the presence of women and women's issues in academia. Throughout the day, graduate students and faculty members from various institutions around the world present papers.

D-WiP hosted their sixth conference on 7 April 2018, entitled "R I S K." The keynote address, "Privilege, Vulnerability, and Risk," was given by Dr. Jeanine Weekes Schroer (University of Minnesota, Duluth).

D-WiP hosted their fifth conference on 24-25 March 2017, entitled "Critical Philosophities of Life." The keynote address, "The Belly Laugh: A Catharsis of Slut Shame and Other Negative Emotions," was given by Dr. Cynthia Willett (Emory University).

D-WiP hosted their fourth conference on 23 April 2016, entitled "Reconsidering the Philosophical Canon." The keynote address, "Afterlives: Beauvoir on Aging and the Intersections of The Second Sex," was given by Dr. Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern University).

D-WiP hosted their third conference on 21 March 2015, entitled “Violence and Embodiment.” The keynote address, “Love and Violence,” was given by Dr. Ann Murphy (University of New Mexico).

D-WiP hosted their second conference on 8 February 2014, entitled “Subjectivity in Question.” The keynote address, “Subjectivity Behind Bars: Social Death and Natal Resistance,” was given by Dr. Lisa Guenther (Vanderbilt University).

D-WiP hosted a roundtable discussion on 22 February 2013, entitled “A Roundtable: Being a Woman Scholar.” The roundtable discussion was led by Dr. Ulrika Björk (Uppsala University).