Graduate Student Colloquia Series

Hosted by the Graduate Students in Philosophy (GSIP), the Colloquia Series offers current graduate students the opportunity to present works in progress. All presentations take place in the Simon Silverman Penomenology Center, located on the first floor of Gumberg Library. We will post Colloquia Series events here as they are scheduled. Many graduate students use this as an opportunity to get feedback on papers they are currently sending out to conferences; however, any graduate student in the department who wants to share a paper is encouraged to do so.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Mackenzie Foster, Jacob Joyce, and Gaia Ferrari are coordinating the Colloquia Series. Please contact any of them if you have any questions or would like to sign up to present.

2019-2020 Colloquia Series

October 4 Conference-Style Presentations
  • Jacob Joyce, "Peirce's Theory of Abduction"
  • Emily Grice on Leibniz and Kripke
September 25 Professionalization Workshop

"What to Do at a Conference" led by Dr. Lanei Rodemeyer and Dr. Kelly Arenson

2018-2019 Colloquia Series

April 11 Conference-Style Presentation
  • Marty Fitzgerald, "A Pin in the Hand: Interventions in Utilitarianism"
March 29 Round-Table Presentations
  • Gizem Atalay, Dissertation Prospectus
  • Alex Gorman, Dissertation Prospectus for "Post-Leninism: Althusser and the Theory of the State in Contemporary Marxist Thought"
  • Aaron Higgins-Brake, Dissertation Prospectus for "Form and Matter in Kant's Theoretical Philosophy"
  • Ellen Moysan, Dissertation Prospectus
  • Zack Slanger, Dissertation Prospectus for "Theorizing the Self: A Laplanchian Reading of Philosophical Autobiography in Augustine, Rousseau, and Freud"
March 22 Professionalization Workshop

Workshop on Academic Publishing led by Dr. Jennifer Bates and Dr. Tom Eyers

March 1 Conference-Style Presentation
  • Mackenzie Foster, "Nature and Nurture in Plato's Republic: Why Aristocracy is Unlikely to Degenerate"
February 14 Conference-Style Presentation
  • Emily Grice, "Laughter and Inversion: On the Intersection Between Rabelaisian and Nietzschean Philosophy"
February 7 Round-Table Presentations
  • Andrew Blough, "Toward a Pharmacology of Spirit: On the Logic of Infection in Hegel's Phenomenology"
  • Anthony Casadonte, "Inversion in Hegel's Phenomenology"
  • Jiho Oh, "Problems and Foundations of Hegel's Philosophy of Subjective Spirit"
  • Kimberly Tucker, "Natural Religion in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit"
November 14 Conference-Style Presentation
  • Tristana Martin Rubio, "Aging as Transformative Experience"
November 9 Round-Table Presentations
  • Will Cox, "Acquiescentia, Gloria, and the Cause of the Idea of the Self in Spinoza's Ethics"
  • Andrew Blough, "‘Giebt es auf Erden ein Maas?': Heidegger's Lectures on ‘The Ister' and the Question of the Poet's Role"
October 31 Conference-Style Presentation
  • Marty Fitzgerald "Techniques for a Mechanized Kantian Ethics for Artificial Intelligence Applications"
October 24 Professionalization Workshop

Workshop on CVs led by Dr. Kelly Arenson and Dr. Daniel Selcer

October 17 Conference-Style Presentation
  • Anthony Casadonte "Question Concerning the Selfie"
October 5 Round-Table Presentations
  • Magda Figiel, "The Concept of Essence in Spinoza's Ethics: A Dynamic Metaphyisics"
  • Martin Krahn, "The Mutability of Species in Hegel's Philosophy of Biology"
  • Christopher Lutz, "Presentation on Plato's Republic"
  • Iziah Topete, "Spinoza on the Dynamics of Power: An Essay on Political Community"
September 12 Conference-Style Presentation
  • Dan Cook, "Time and Writing"

2017-2018 Colloquia Series

April 20
  • Thomas Szwedska, "Mo(ve)ments of Economies: Derrida on Dwelling, l'avenir..."
  • Marty Fitzgerald, "Duchamp's Infrathin Titling Makes Painting an Experimental Tool for Lacanian Psychoanalysis"
March 19
  • Jacob Smith, "Happiness Among Cavemen: Against the Egoist Reading of Ennead I.4"
  • Andrew Blough, "Force and Feeling: Reconstructing Nietzsche's Relational Ontology"
February 12
  • Colin Bodayle, "Kant and Hegel on Logical Quality"
  • Aaron Higgins-Brake, "Kant on the Unity of the World"
February 2
  • Paul Zipfel, "The Originality and Directness of Consciousness in Husserl's Phenomenology"
  • Mackenzie Lefoster, "Food Choice and Epicureans: Which Diet Provides the Most Pleasant Life"
October 27
  • Jacob Smith, "Plato's theory of evil in the Timaeus"
  • Marty Fitzgerald, "The Metaphysical Implications of Max Ernst's Method"
September 29
  • Colin Bodayle, "The Constitution of Material Corporeality in Husserl's Ideas II"
  • Roland Carspecken, "Illocution and Self-consciousness in Hegel"
September 8
  • Jeff Lambert, "Understanding Folds and Complexions in Leibniz"
  • Daniel Cook, "Sovereignty, Death, and Burial: Bodily Vulnerability in Horkheimer and Adorno's Odysseus"

2016–17 Colloquia Series

April 20
  • Colin Bodayle, "Husserl's Phenomenology of Force"
April 7
  • Zach Slanger, "Transmission, Infection, Contagion: Towards a New Sexual Ethics"
  • Roly Carspecken, "The Illocutionary Dimension of Self-Consciousness"
February 10
  • Roly Carspecken, "Spiritual Autopsy: Hegel and Derrida on the Life and Death of Spirit"
  • Anthony Celi, "Tradition and World: Understanding Between Gadamer and Heidegger"
November 11
  • Colin Bodayle, “Hegel’s Inverted World”
  • Josh Sturman, “On Phenomenological Certainty”
October 14
  • Martin Krahn, “The Structure of Logical and Natural Concepts in Hegel’s System”
  • Frank ‘Trey’ Weise, “Reading Wordsworth’s ‘Prelude’ with Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory: Apocalyptic Imagination, Utopian Materiality, and Hope for Reconciled Subjectivity”

2015–16 Colloquia Series

April 15
  • Georg Oswald, “Justifying the Philosophical Approach Towards History”
  • Norman Schultz, “Hegel’s Absolute Idea, the Incomplete and Universal Individual: Time as a Connection of Heaven and Earth”
April 1
  • Ellen Moysan, “Introduction to the Notion of Inner Song”
March 24
  • Tylor Cunningham, "Imitation and Immortality in Plato's Symposium"
  • Michael Kramer, "Toward a Gadamerian Hermeneutics of Religious Experience"
  • Luke Schumacher, "Heidegger and the Philosophy of Problems"
  • Kimberly Tucker, "The Metaphoricity of Language in Gadamer and Nietzsche"
March 11
  • Anthony Celi, “Non-Aggression as a Means of Normalizing Virtue Ethics”
  • Thomas Cantone, “A Case for Hamann”
February 12
  • Trey Weise, “Adorno and the Guilt of Thinking”
  • Sıla Özkara, “Death and Circularity in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit”
November 13
  • Tylor Cunningham, “Suicide as a Tenable Last Resort in Epicurean Ethics”
  • Sıla Özkara, “Hegel’s Philosophy of Language as a Critique of Empircism”
October 30
  • Thomas Cantone, “Traversing Kant’s Critical Turn”
  • Zach Slanger, “Integrity Lost: Freud, Laplanche, and Milton on the Sexual Drive”
October 16
  • Stephanie Adair, “Disjunctive Judgment and Purposiveness without a Purpose in Kant’s Third Critique
  • Norman Shultz, “Logic and Time: The Diamond Net and the Movement of Spirit”
October 9
  • Adam Burnfin, “Marx’s Capital Vol. 1, Synopsis and Critical Implications”

2014–15 Colloquia Series

March 20
  • Peter Libbey, “‘Free Necessity’ and ‘Real Complexity’: Causality in Pierre Macherey’s A Theory of Literary Production​”
March 13
  • Tylor Cunningham, “If You Liked it You Should Have Put a Ring On it: Pleasure as a part of teachable virtue in the ring structure of the Protagoras”
  • Joseph Bertino, “From the Ashes of Baudelaire: Diametrical Opposition and Poetic Influence from Charles Baudelaire to Stephane Mallarmé”
February 27
  • Rebecca Warshofsky, “Language, Limit, and Identity”
February 20
  • Martin Krahn, “The Problem of Nature in Hegel’s System”
  • Alexander Gorman, “The Necessity of a Dialectic: Reason and History in Husserl’s Logic”
February 6
  • Bethany Somma, “Sight Not Yet Seeing: Indefiniteness in the Generation of the Intellect in Plotinus”
  • Tristana Martin Rubio, “Derrida Contra Rawls: Reasonableness, Sovereignty, and Desire”
November 7
  • Bethany Somma, “The (Un)Reality of the Adopted Self”
  • Joseph Bertino, “Wise Endurance: Does Socrates Fear?”
October 17
  • Matt Lovett, “Deleuze, Lacan, and the Idea of Sexual Difference”
  • Jeff Lambert, “Windowless Intimacy: Contiguity in Irigaray and Leibniz”
September 12
  • Matthew Yaw, “Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Truth”
  • Jacob Greenstine, “Non-Being as the Result of the Eleatic Hypothesis: Aristotle’s Physics 1.3”

2013–14 Colloquia Series

January 11
  • Bethany Somma, “Adoptees and Philosophers: Searching for Self and Stability in Stoic Therapy”
  • Tristana Martin Rubio, “Old age is life’s parody: The Spatiality of Aging in Simone de Beauvoir’s The Coming of Age
October 11
  • Karim Barakat, “Foucault’s Critical Subject”
  • Sean Skedzielewski, “Nietzsche and Kierkegaard:The Question of Truth as an Orientation Toward Meaning and Significance”
November 15
  • Sean D’Alessio, “The Privacy of Experience”
  • Matthew Valentine, “Finishing the Critical Project:Towards a Kantian Theory of the Subject and Higher Pleasures”
November 22
  • Jeff Lambert, “The Arborescent and Rhizomatic in Walt Whitman: Deleuze and Leaves of Grass
  • Richard Sharpe, “Perspectives on Human Immortality in Aquinas and Marcel”

2012–13 Colloquia Series

April 5
  • Jacob Greenstein, “Why Galileo Matters”
  • Matt Lovett, “Rothko’s Negative Theology”
March 22
  • Christopher Mountenay, “Painter of Light and the Philosopher of Pessimism: A Schopenhauerian Analysis of Thomas Kinkade”
  • Jim Bahoh, “Heidegger’s Differential Concept of Truth in Beitrage”
January 11
  • Sean D’Alessio, “The Case for Epistemological Nihilism”
  • Pail di’Giorgio, “A Critique of Foucault’s Concept of Freedom”
December 5
  • Ryan Johnson, “De-Mystification and Counter-Actualization”
November 7

Duquesne Women in Philosophy Colloquium (co-sponsored event)

  • Boram Jeong, “Repetition and Revolution: Temporality in Deleuze and the Book of Changes”
  • Jessica Patella Konig, “Francis Bacon on Nature: The Secret, the Erotic, the Dominated”
  • Sila Ozkara, “Hegel’s Self-Consciousness as Progression”
October 24

Hegel Responds!

  • Kamal Shibei, “Hegel on Plato: The Refreshment of Essence”
  • Matt Lovett, “Antinomy, Existence, and the Thing-In-Itself: Hegel’s Response to Transcendental Idealism”
October 10
  • Christopher Mountenay, “Apeiron and Noumena”
  • John Fritz, “The Indefinite Time and Place of Plato’s Philebus
September 26
  • Paul DiGeorgio, “Plotinus as the first Phenomenologist”
  • Jeff Lambert, “Luce Irigaray and ‘That’s What She Said’”
September 14
  • Jessica Patella Konig, “The Dancing Philosopher”

2011–12 Colloquia Series

March 23
  • Jacob Greenstine, “Animal Error and Human Falsehood in Aristotle.”
  • Sila Ozkara, “Expressing Kant’s Sublime.”
February 17
  • Kyle Wendling, “Joyful Overman: On the Realization of Truth through Laughter and Levity.”
  • Andy Jussaume, “Proof of the Transcendent God: The Suspension of Teleology in Thomas’ Metaphysics.”
January 27
  • Ryan Johnson, “The Story of the Eye, According to Descartes.”
  • Billy Goehring, “Spinoza and the Structuralist Principle.”
January 20
  • Dave Mesing, “Affective Politics: On Spinoza and Occupy Wall St.”
  • Nathan Eckstrand, “Foucault, Arendt, and the Possibilitty of a Transformational Politics.”

2010–11 Colloquia Series

March 23
  • Nathan Eckstrand, “Modeling Electronic Media”
  • Zach Hamm, “Deleuze’s Critique of Phenomenology”
February 17
  • Justin Habash, “Leibniz &Torture”
  • Chris Mountenay, “Arachnid Gladiators”
February 2
  • David Hoinski, “Did Plato Invent Philosophical Autobiography?”
  • Kamal Shlbei, “Rethinking the Kantian Thing-In-Itself”
January 19
  • Matt Lovett, “The Flesh of the Feminine: Merleau-Ponty and Irigaray”
  • Becky Vartabedian, “Let’s Get Small: the Joke as Event in Deleuze’s Logic of Sense”
December 10
  • Brittany Leckey, “Deleuze, Kundera, and the Eternal Return”
November 12
  • Jacob Greenstine, “Reason and Absolute Idealism”
  • Ryan Johnson, “Nietzschean Shadowplay”
October 27
  • Zach Hamm, “Descartes’ Lullian Vision”
  • David Mesing, “Satan’s Pulpit”
October 6
  • Kelsey Ward, “Hegel and Abstract Art.”
  • Jacob Graham, “Excellence and Friendship: Confucius and Aristotle.”
September 22
  • Scott Sparrow, “On Language and Mediation: Hegel’s Arguments in ‘Sense Certainty.’”
    Scott was the recipient of the 2009–2010 Graduate Student Essay Award, an annual award determined by Duquesne’s Philosophy Faculty.