M.A. Placement


Mary Brown - Ph.D. Philosphy, Purdue University
Suhyeon Huang - Ph. D. Philosophy, University of Tennessee
Jacob Joyce - Ph.D. Philosophy, Boston University
Brennan Van Spankeren - Chicago Public Schools


Anthony Casadonte - Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Kentucky
Angela Dibelka - Ph.D. Philosophy, Purdue University
Peter Heft - Ph.D. Philosophy, Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, Western University
Jeremiah Noonan - applying to PhD programs
Patrick Pender - Ph.D. Philosophy, Emory University
Kyle Rodewald (MA/JD program) - training as a Judge Advocate for the United States Marine Corps
Dongke Tu - Ph.D. Music, Stony Brook University
Molly Wallace - applying to PhD programs


Andrew Patrick Blough - Ph.D. German Literature & Culture, University of California, Berkeley
Robin Boddie - U.S. Department of State, Critical Language Scholarship Program, Suzhou, China
William Cox - Ph.D. Philosophy, DePaul University
Alexander Griffin - Nonacademic employment
Marty Fitzgerald - Ph.D. Healthcare Ethics, St. Louis University
Zachary Slocum - Ph.D. Rhetoric, Duquesne University
Iziah Topete - Ph.D. Philosophy, Penn State

2019 M.A. program graduates also received admissions offers from PhD programs at Boston College, Duke University (German), Duquesne University, Emory University (Comparative Literature), Fordham University, Georgetown University, The New School, Northwestern University (German & Critical Theory Institute), Purdue University, and Villanova University.


Colin Bodayle - Ph.D Philosophy, Villanova University
Adam Burnfin - Ph.D. French, Ohio State University
Albert Carver, O.F.M. Cap.: Religious order appointment
Jacob Smith - Ph.D Philosophy, University of Tennessee
Trey Weise - M.U.Ed., Memphis Teacher Residency/Union University
Sean Wilson - M.A.T. Education, Duke University

2018 M.A. program graduates also received admissions offers from PhD programs at Duquesne University, Fordham University, Stony Brook University, University of Kentucky, University of Memphis, University of New Mexico, and Vanderbilt University.


Nicholas Brown - Ph.D.Comparative Literature, CUNY Graduate Center
Thomas Cantone - Ph.D. Philosophy, The New School for Social Research
Anthony Celi - Adjunct instructor, Brookdale Community College
Luke Schumacher - Ph.D. Philosophy, Fordham University
Josh Sturman - Independent Scholar, nonacademic employment
Kimberly Tucker - Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University

2017 M.A. program graduates also received admissions offers from PhD programs at Catholic University, DePaul University, Emory University (Comparative Literature), University of New Mexico, Western University, and Temple University.


Roland Carspecken — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University
Alexander Crist — Ph.D. Philosophy, Texas A&M University
Tylor Cunningham — Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Tennessee
Benjamin Maynard — Ph.D. Philosophy, Centre for the Study of Theory & Criticism, Western University
Frank Smecker — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University


Taylor Baker - M.F.A. Creative Writing, Purdue University
Joseph Bertino - Ph.D. Health Care Ethics, Duquesne University
Alexander Gorman - Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University
Timothy McGarvey - Ph.D. Philosophy, University of South Florida
Mathew Yaw - Ph.D. Philosophy, Loyola University of Chicago


Seth Christensen — Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Illinois, Chicago
Jeff Lambert — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University


Paul Di Georgio — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University
Billy Dean Goehring — Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Oregon
Martin Krahn — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University
Sila Ozkara — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University
Brian Pines — M.Phil./Ph.D. Philosophy, Staffordshire University


Zoe Anthony — Ph.D. Religious Studies, University of Toronto
Robert El-Jaouhari — J.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jessica Konig — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University
Dave Mesing — Ph.D. Philosophy, Villanova University
Isabel Ranner — Ph.D. Political Science, University of Pittsburgh


Antonio Di Fenza — Ph.D. Italian, Cornell University
Fred Erdman — Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Dallas
Zachary Hamm — Ph.D. Philosophy, Emory University
Brittany Leckey — Ph.D. Philosophy, Texas A&M University
Ian Patrick McHugh — Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Guelph
Brian Onishi — Ph.D. Philosophy, University of North Texas
Scott Sparrow — Ph.D. Philosophy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Kelsey Ward — Ph.D. Philosophy, Duquesne University


Hamad Al-Rayes — Ph.D. Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook
Richard (Erik) Hamm — Ph.D. Philosophy, Purdue University
Stephen Krogh — Ph.D. Philosophy, Catholic University of America
Jennifer Luo — Ph.D. Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington