Justice & Inclusion

The Department of Philosophy-its staff, faculty, and graduate students-is committed to cultivating a welcoming, inclusive, and just community that supports all its members regardless of sex, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, caste, nationality, citizenship, religion, political opinion, age, socio-economic background, marital or family status, disability, or military service.

We recognize that bias, whether overt or concealed, is an obstacle to justice, inclusiveness, and productivity in philosophy as a discipline, and we attempt to combat it in the composition of our department, the courses we teach, and the events we organize and sponsor.

This includes recruiting students from underrepresented groups to join our department, training graduate students in the design of inclusive syllabi, offering courses each year on non-Western philosophy and gender studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and scheduling talks each year on minority issues. In addition, the department will continue to take concrete steps to address issues of justice and inclusion.