Departmental Speakers Series and Related Talks

The University’s Media Services and Distribution Center hosts recordings of many of our past speakers’ presentations.


Marguerite Deslauriers (McGill University). "Arguing for the Superiority of Women in the 17th Century" September 27.

Casey Ford (Marlboro College). "The Power of Indeterminacy in Deleuze" January 24.

Elias Bongmba (Rice University) on African Philosophy. February 20.

Béatrice Longuenesse (NYU) on Kant or Hegel. April 17.


Justin Humphreys (University of Pennsylvania). “Moral Perception in Aristotle.” September 21.

Kris Cohen (Reed College). “Never Alone, Except for Now: Art, Networks, Populations.” October 12.

Elizabeth Rottenberg (DePaul University). “Intimate Relations: Psychoanalysis Deconstruction.” November 2.

Jonny Thakkar (Swarthmore College). “Plato as Critical Theorist.” March 15.

Susan Bernstein (Brown University). “The Other Synaesthesia.” April 5.

Mariana Ortega (Penn State). “Altars for the Living: Shadow Ground, Aesthetic Memory, and the US/Mexico Border.” April 26.

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