Departmental Speakers Series and Related Talks

The University’s Media Services and Distribution Center hosts recordings of many of our past speakers’ presentations.


Charles Griswold (Boston University). "What is Philosophy? Is It Worth the Effort?" September 11.

Joanna Hodge (Manchester Metropolitan University, Great Britain). "The Timing of Secular Apocalypse: Thinking with Jean-Luc Nancy" October 9.

Julián Ferreyra (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina). "Deleuze and Hegel: A Turbulent Dance" November 6.

Illah Nourbakhsh (Carnegie Mellon University). "AI and Humanity" January 15.

Daniela Voss (University of Hildesheim, Germany). "French Philosophy and Technology" March 19.

Suzanne McCullagh (University of Athabasca, Canada. "The Temporality of Extinction" April 16.

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