Philosophy Speakers Archive


Charles Griswold (Boston University). "What is Philosophy? Is It Worth the Effort?" September 11.

Joanna Hodge (Manchester Metropolitan University, Great Britain). "The Timing of Secular Apocalypse: Thinking with Jean-Luc Nancy" October 9.

Julián Ferreyra (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina). "Deleuze and Hegel: A Turbulent Dance" November 6.

Illah Nourbakhsh (Carnegie Mellon University). "AI and Humanity" January 15.

Daniela Voss (University of Hildesheim, Germany). "French Philosophy and Technology" March 19.

Suzanne McCullagh (University of Athabasca, Canada). "The Temporality of Extinction" April 16.


Marguerite Deslauriers (McGill University). "Arguing for the Superiority of Women in the 17th Century" September 27.

Casey Ford (Marlboro College). "The Power of Indeterminacy in Deleuze" January 24.

Elias Bongmba (Rice University) on African Philosophy. February 20.

Béatrice Longuenesse (NYU) on Kant or Hegel. April 17.


Justin Humphreys (University of Pennsylvania). "Moral Perception in Aristotle." September 21.

Kris Cohen (Reed College). "Never Alone, Except for Now: Art, Networks, Populations." October 12.

Elizabeth Rottenberg (DePaul University). "Intimate Relations: Psychoanalysis Deconstruction." November 2.

Jonny Thakkar (Swarthmore College). "Plato as Critical Theorist." March 15.

Susan Bernstein (Brown University). "The Other Synaesthesia." April 5.

Mariana Ortega (Penn State). "Altars for the Living: Shadow Ground, Aesthetic Memory, and the US/Mexico Border." April 26.


Christopher MOORE (Penn State University). "The Origin of the Word ‘Philosopher' (Philosophos)." September 15.

Amy ALLEN (Penn State). "Foucault and the Problem of Psychoanalysis." October 3.

Mari RUTI (University of Toronto). "Socrates' Mistake: Lacan on Love." October 13.

Julie KLEIN (Villanova). "How To Make Philosophers: Spinoza on Pedagogy." November 10.

Edward BARING (Drew University). "Catholicism and the Making of European Phenomenology." December 1.

Jeff McCURRY (Duquesne). "Divergent Experience: Freud and the Phenomenology of Spontaneity." February 23.

Claire COLEBROOK (Penn State). "All Life is Artificial Life." March 2.

Mary-Louise GILL (Brown). "Aristotle's Hylomorphism in Metaphysics Theta." March 23.

Peg BIRMINGHAM (DePaul). "Superfluity and Precarity: Reading Arendt Against Butler." April 13.


Giuseppina MECCHIA (University of Pittsburgh). "Submitting to Time: Historicity and Dystopia in Michel Houellebecq." September 30.

Andrew COLE (Princeton University). "The Elements in Hegel and Marx." October 21.

Ann CAHILL (Elon University). "Must Survivors of Sexual Violence Disclose Their Assaults? Title IX, Mandatory Reporting, and the Role of the Confidant." November 2.

Michal PIEKARSKI (Cardinal Wyszynski University, Warsaw). "Blindness to Normativity." November 4.

Kelly ARENSON (Duquesne University). "Epicureans on Love, Sex, and Marriage." December 2.

Sasa STANKOVIC (Ryerson University). "Kant and the Imagination." February 3.

Jessica GELBER (University of Pittsburgh). "Two Ways of Being an End: Aristotle and Teleology." March 31.

Jeffrey WILLIAMS (Carnegie Mellon University). "Brave New. University." April 28.


Justin E.H. SMITH, (Université Paris Diderot - Paris VII), "Is Western Philosophy a 19th-Century Invention? Historiography and Boundary-Policing from the Encyclopédie to Hegel." September 11.

Christopher FYNSK (Aberdeen, Dean of European Graduate School), "The Library, at Home" (Derrida). October 2

Didier FRANCK (Paris X [Nanterre]), "From Phenomenology to Theology." November 6

Nicolas Fernando de WARREN, (KU Leuven), "Augustine and Husserl on Time and Eternity." November 20.

Mark ANDERSON (Belmont), "Melville and Moby Dick in relation to Plato and Nietzsche." December 4.

John WHITE (Pittsburgh Society of Jungian Analysts), "On the Philosophical Origins of ‘the Unconscious': German Idealism and the Backgrounds of Psychoanalysis." January 15.

Eric VOGELSTEIN (Duquesne), "Credentials of Moral Expertise." January 29.

Jim RISSER (Seattle), "Sensible Humanism." February 19.

Kristi SWEET (Texas A&M), "Contemplative Pleasure: Aesthetic feeling as ‘transition' in Kant's third Critique." April 8.


John SALLIS (Boston College), "Return to Nature." September 5.

Claire COLEBROOK (Penn State), Tom SPARROW (Slippery Rock), Erik GARRETT (Duquesne), "Approaching The Liminal: Pushing The Boundaries of Continental Philosophy." September 26-27.

Anton Friedrich KOCH (Heidelberg), "Why People Like Us Are Metaphysically Necessary." September 22.

Douglas JESSEPH (South Florida), "Hobbes & Conatus or The Ultimate Explanatory Principle?" October 3.

Luna DOLEZAL (Trinity College Dublin), "The Phenomenology of Self-Presentation." October 31.

Tom SPARROW (Slippery Rock), "Plasticity, American Style." November 14.

Paul S. LOEB (Puget Sound), "Live in such a way that you want to live again." December 5.

Patrick Lee MILLER (Duquesne), "Avatars of Oneself." January 23.

Jessica GELBER (Pittsburgh), "Females, Teleology, and Mistakes." February 13.

Jennifer BATES (Duquesne), "Absolute Knowing: Consternation and Preservation in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit and Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida." March 27.

C.D.C. REEVE (Chapel Hill), "Happiness?" April 17.


James MARSH (Fordham), Leah KALMANSON (Drake) & Roger BURGGRAEVE (Leuven). Keynotes for the North American Levinas Society conference. Sponsored by the College, Communications, Theology & the Silverman Center. July 28-31.

Iain Hamilton GRANT (U West England) & Jason WIRTH (Seattle). Keynotes speakers and seminar leaders for the Pittsburgh Summer Symposium in Contemporary Philosophy: Schelling and Naturphilosophie. August 3-9.

Jessica WISKUS (Duquesne), "Movement in Merleau-Ponty (Painting, Music, Poetry)." September 6.

Eric BROWN (Washington U), "Cosmopolitans and Unmet Friends." September 20.

Dermot MORAN (University College Dublin) & Pierre RODRIGO (U Bourgogne). Keynotes for the International Merleau-Ponty Circle conference. Sponsored by the College. September 26.

Hans PEDERSON (Indiana U Pennsylvania), "Heidegger, Strawson, and Responsibility." October 18.

Tom ROCKMORE (Duquesne), "Kant and Cognitive Constructivism." November 8.

John PROTEVI (LSU), "Darwin, Disasters, and Prosociality." December 6.

Cristina BUCUR (Silverman Center Fellow), "From Ipseity to Kenosis: Reflections on Ricœur's Itinerary to the Face-to-Face." January 17.

Valentin MUDIMBE (Duke), Kathryn GINES (Penn State), Tsenay SEREQUEBERHAN (Morgan State) & Elias BINGMBA (Rice). Silverman Center Symposium: Phenomenology in the African and Africana Worlds. February 14-15.

Dana HOLLANDER (McMaster). "Hermann Cohen on Ethical Subjectivity and The Legal Institution of the Neighbor." March 14.

Raymond BRASSIER (American U of Beirut), "Intuition, Picturing, Immanence." March 21.

Theodore GEORGE (Texas A&M), "Lost and Found in Translation." March 28.

Lloyd GERSON (Toronto), "Platonism versus Naturalism." April 11.


Patrick Lee MILLER (Duquesne), "Monstrous Maturity on Mulholland Drive." September 7.

Jay LAMPERT (Guelph), "Do Sheets of Past Exist? Deleuze on Citizen Kane." October 12.

Graham HARMAN (American U of Cairo), "Epistemism and Subjectalism: A New Fault Line in Speculative Realism." October 22.

Karen STOHR (Georgetown), "Self-Deprecation." November 9.

C.D.C. REEVE (Chapel Hill), "Plato's Undivided Soul." November 28.

Terry SMITH (Pittsburgh), "Contemporaneity as a Quality of Our World Picture." Sponsored by CIQR. January 24.

Ulrika BJÖRK (Uppsala). "Political and Subjective Freedom: Reading Hannah Arendt with Julia Kristeva." Co-sponsored by WGS. February 22.

Adrian JOHNSTON (New Mexico), "Reflections of a Rotten Nature: Hegel, Lacan, and Material Negativity." GSIP Conference keynote. February 23.

Rachel SINGPURWALLA (U Maryland, College Park), Emily AUSTIN (Wake Forest), & Christina IONESCU (Catholic U). Symposium on The Body and the Non-Rational in Ancient Greek Thought. March 15.

Dan SMITH (Purdue), "Time, Truth, and Thought." CIQR. March 21.

Jonathan LEAR (Chicago), "Wisdom Won From Illness: The Psychoanalytic Grasp of Human Being." April 12.

Galen JOHNSON (Rhode Island), Gail WEISS (George Washington U), Laura DOYLE (U Mass., Amherst) & David ABRAM (The Alliance for Wild Ethics), Silverman Center Symposium: Merleau-Ponty Into the Future. April 29-30.


Ted KISIEL (Northern Illinois), Tom ROCKMORE (Duquesne) & Jeffery van DAVIS, screening and panel discussion of Only a God Can Save Us (on Heidegger). September 9.

Bruce FINK (Duquesne), "Lacan on Love." September 23.

Lisa FOLKMARSON KÄLL (Uppsala), "Reclaimed Voice? Echo's Own Echo." Co-sponsored by WGS. October 14.

John RUSSON (Guelph), David MORRIS (Concordia), Jay LAMPERT (Guelph), Tom ROCKMORE (Duquesne). Symposium on Hegel's Logic. October 28.

Silvia STOLLER (Vienna). Co-sponsored by WGS. November 17.

Wei Xiao PING, (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), "The Collision of Derrida's Deconstructionism and Chinese Marxism." December 1.

Tony SMITH (Iowa State), Jason HILL (DePaul) & Walter MIGNOLO (Duke). Conference - Cosmopolitics: Unity, Diversity and Global Subjects. CIQR, Critical Race Theory Series & Pitt Cultural Studies. December 2.

Paolo PALMIERI (Pittsburgh), "Ethics and Learning: A Deweyan Approach." February 10.

Markus GABRIEL (Bonn), "The Meaning of Existence and the Contingency of Sense." March 9.

Dorothea OLKOWSKI (U Colorado, Colorado Springs), "Postmodern Philosophy and the Scientific Turn." March 30.

Gabriel ROCKHILL (Villanova). GSIP Conference keynote. April 18.

Leonard LAWLOR (Penn State), Claire COLEBROOK (Penn State), Paolo MARRATI (Johns Hopkins) & Bruno BOSTEELS (Cornell), Silverman Center Symposium: Phenomenology and Its Critics. April 19-20.


Tianyu WU (Beijing), "Rethinking Augustine's Adaptation of ‘First Movements' of Affection." October 8.

Critical Theory Roundtable conference. October 23-24.

Luca M. SCARANTINO (Conseil international de la philosophie et des sciences humaines), "The Historical Nature of the A Priori and the Pragmatic Turn in Philosophy." November 3.

Peg BIRMINGHAM (DePaul), "The Subject of Rights: On the Declaration of the Human." Co-sponsored by CIQR. December 3.

Alisdair MACINTYRE (Notre Dame), "Philosophical Education Against Contemporary Culture." Co-sponsored by Health Care Ethics. December 4.

Patrick Lee MILLER (Duquesne), "Heraclitus's Crosswise Logic." January 28.

Crispin SARTWELL (Dickinson College), "Against Consensus." February 18.
Philosophy and the Environment Roundtable IV. March 15.

Dennis SCHMIDT (Penn State), Judith LOCKHEAD (Stony Brook), Marcia Sá Cavalcante SCHUBACK (U Södertörn) & John SALLIS (Boston College), Silverman Center Symposium: Music and Phenomenology. March 17-18.

Christopher D. JOHNSON (Harvard), "Cesi's Lynx: Tabular Reason and the Natural Desire for Knowledge." Co-sponsored by PCMRS. March 25.

David BOLLER (Manhattan College). GSIP Conference keynote. April 2.

Giuseppina MECCHIA (Pittsburgh), "Anthro-Politics: A Reading of Capitalism and Schizophrenia." Co-sponsored by CIQR. April 14.


Andrew CUTROFELLO (Loyola Chicago), "Kant and Shakespeare." August 28.

Fred EVANS (Duquesne), "Citizenship and Public Art: Chicago's Millennium Park." CIQR. September 17.

Liu ZHE (Notre Dame/Beijing), "Merleau-Ponty's Conception of Transcendental Phenomenology." October 2.

Kelly ARENSON (Memphis), "Health and Hedonism in Epicurean Ethics." October 9.

Gregory BAUM (McGill). "Dialogue Between Believers and Secular Thinkers." Co-sponsored by the College, Theology, Psychology & Sociology. October 23.

Andy WALLACE (Sonoma), "Compassion, Service, and Happiness: A Contemporary Aristotelian-Buddhist Perspective."
 October 23.

Isabelle THOMAS-FOGIEL (Ottawa), "Fichte and the Contemporary Transcendental Arguments of Debate." November 6.

Gina ZAVOTA (Kent State) "Merleau-Ponty's Alchemical Vision." November 13.

Tom ROCKMORE (Duquesne). "Philosophy After 9/11." December 4.

Dan ZAHAVI (U Copenhagen), Catherine MALABOU (U Paris-X & SUNY Buffalo), Shaun GALLAGHER (Central Florida and Hertfordshire) & Evan THOMPSON (Toronto). Silverman Center Symposium: Phenomenology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. February 18-19.

James LENNOX (Pittsburgh), "Aristotle's Discourse on Methodos." February 25.

Daniel SELCER (Duquesne) & Theresa J. SMITH (Harvard), "Manuscript, Photograph, Facsimile: Copernicus' Revolutions." CIQR. March 11.

Jay LAMPERT (Guelph) & Graeme NICHOLSON (Toronto). Keynotes for Hegel's Absolute Spirit: Connections Between Art, Religion and Philosophy conference. March 19-21.

Philosophy and the Environment Roundtable III. April.

Babette BABICH (Fordham). GSIP Conference keynote. April 10.

Brooke HOLMES (Princeton), "Early Medical Analogies: Taking Care of Body and Soul in Classical Greek Ethics." April 16.

Vera BÜHLMANN (Institute for Technology in Architecture), "Gilles Deleuze as a Materialist of Ideality." April 22.


Moira GATENS (Sydney), Dieter LOHMAR (Köln), Gunter FIGAL (Freiburg) & Étienne BALIBAR (Paris X). Keynotes for the Society for Phenomenology & Existential Philosophy (SPEP) Conference. October 16-18.

Nicholas RESCHER (Pittsburgh), "Pluralism." October 31.

Mohammed A. BAMYEH (Pittsburgh), "Anarchist traditions and Islamic Hermeneutics." CIQR. November 13.

Dara GREENWALD (RPI) & Josh MACPHEE, "Art and Action: Seeing Social Movements." Co-sponsored by CIQR and SJ. January 21.

James MARTEL (San Francisco State) "Hobbes and the ‘Error of Separated Essences': Rhetoric, Authority and Sovereignty in Leviathan." Co-sponsored by PCMRS. February 26.

Helen FIELDING (U Western Ontario), Co-sponsored with WGS. March 19.

Franco BERARDI [BIFO] (Accademia delle Belle Arti, Milan), Clarence Shole JOHNSON (Middle Tennessee State) & David SCHWEIKART (Loyola-Chicago). A New Democracy? Economics, Culture, and Difference conference. CIQR, Critical Race Theory Series, & Pitt Cultural Studies. March 20.

Kathleen HIGGINS (UT Austin) "Nietzsche's Untimely Art of Philosophy." GSIP Conference keynote. March 28.

Elizabeth GROSZ (Rutgers), "Darwin and the Split between Natural and Sexual Selection." The College. April 1.
Philosophy of the Environment Roundtable II. April 17.

Jean Luc MARION (Chicago), Richard KEARNEY (Boston College), Edith WYSCHOGROD (Rice), Jay LAMPERT (Guelph). Silverman Center Symposium: Phenomenology and the Theological Turn. April 28-29.


C.D.C. REEVE (UNC Chapel Hill). "Glaucon's Thrasymacheanism?" and "Two Blue Ruins: Love and Memory in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." September 13-14.

Jin XIPING (Beijing/Stony Brook), "Heidegger and Lao Tze." September 28.

Michael WITMORE (Carnegie Mellon), "An Island of One: Spinoza and Shakespeare's Tempest." Co-sponsored by PCMRS. October 5.

Kelly OLIVER (Vanderbilt), "Sexual Difference, Animal Difference: Derrida and Difference ‘Worthy of its Name'." Co-sponsored by CIQR and WGS. October 26.

John CROSBY (Franciscan U Steubenville), "Dietrich von Hildebrand's Phenomenology of Love." February 1.

John SALIS (Boston College). GSIP Conference keynote. February 23.

John CAPUTO (Syracuse), Trish GLAZEBROOK (North Texas) & Lawrence VOGEL (Connecticut College). Silverman Center Symposium: Phenomenology and Post-humanism. March 17-8.

Thomas HOLDEN (U California Santa Barbara), "Hume's Negative Natural Theology."
 March 28.

Eric Sean NELSON (U Massachusetts Lowell), "Nature and History in Adorno and Levinas."
 April 4.
Philosophy of the Environment Roundtable I. April 17.


Tony SMITH (Iowa State). "A Systematic Dialectic of Globalization." September 22.

Andreea Deciu RITIVOI. "Strategies of Dissent: Lessons from Paul Ricœur for a New Rhetoric of Solidarity." CIQR. October 19.

Christopher BRAIDER (U Colorado Boulder) "The Baroque Art of the Mind: Beholding in Dutch Genre Painting." Co-sponsored by PCMRS. October 20.

Iris Marion YOUNG Iris Marion Young (Chicago). "Structural Injustice and the Politics of Difference." CIQR. November 3.

Tom FLYNN (Emory). "Philosophy as a Way of Life: Foucault and Hadot." November 11.

Penelope DEUTSCHER (Northwestern), "Derrida's Rogues and the Auto-Immunity of Feminism." Co-sponsored by CIQR and WGS. December 6.

Charles MILLS (U Illinois at Chicago), "Philosophy and Race: The Whiteness of Being." January 26.

Jessica MOSS (Pittsburgh), "Pictures and Passions in Plato." February 22.

Len LAWLOR (Memphis), "The ‘Weak' Response to the Suffering of the Living: An Attempt to Follow Derrida." March 2.

Cristina LAFONT (Northwestern), David RASMUSSEN (Boston College), Joel WHITEBOOK (Columbia), Lambert ZUIDERVAART (Toronto), Silverman Center Symposium: Phenomenology and Critical Theory. March 16-17.

David HOWARTH (Essex), "For and Against Interpretation: The Logics of Critical Explanation. CIQR. March 18.

Gregg LAMBERT (Syracuse), "The Political Ontology of Friendship." GSIP Conference keynote. March 24.

Robert VALGENTI (Lebanon Valley College), "Hermeneutic Deduction." April 13.

Hugh SILVERMAN (SUNY Stony Brook), "Derrida, Code-Enforcement, and the Limits of Expression." April 20.


Francesco Saverio TRINCIA (U Rome, La Sapienza), "Scientist or Prophet? Recent Studies on Marx." September 12.

Iris Marion YOUNG (Chicago), "Structural Injustice and the Politics of Difference." CIQR. November 3.

James SWINDAL (Duquesne), "Working Off the Past: The ‘Methodology' of Critical Theory." CIQR. January 26.

Daniel HELLER-ROAZEN (Princeton), "The Inner Touch: Archaeology of a Sensation." Co-sponsored by PCMRS. February 24.

Morny JOY, (Calgary), David PELLAUER (DePaul), Peter KEMP (Danish U of Education), Lenore LANGSDORF (U Illinois Carbondale). Silverman Center Symposium: Paul Ricœur and Phenomenology. March 17-18.

Ed CASEY (SUNY Stony Brook), "Coming to the Edge: Reflections on Borders and Boundaries." CIQR. March 23.

Angelica NUZZO (CUNY Brooklyn College) "Hegel's Dialectic as Logic of Transformation." March 31.

John PROTEVI (LSU), "Hurricane Katrina as a Natural and Social Event." April 7.


Déborah BLOCKER (Pittsburgh), "Texts, Traditions, Transmissions: Aristotle's Poetics in Early Modern Europe." October 20.

Don IHIDE (SUNY Stony Brook), David SEAMON (Kansas State), David ABRAM (Alliance for Wild Ethics), & Andy FISHER. Silverman Center Symposium: Phenomenology and Ecology. March 11-12.

Rebecca DENOVA (Pittsburgh), Ron POLASKY (Duquesne) & Patrick JUOLA (Duquesne), Symposium on Interpreting Ancient Documents: The Question of Historical Accuracy. CIQR. March 17.

Niklaus LARGIER (U California Berkeley), "Theaters of Arousal: Medieval and Early Modern Ascetic Practices and the Invention of Pornography." Co-sponsored by PCMRS. March 31.

Graham HARMAN (American U of Cairo), "The Volcanic Structure of Objects." April 22.